Put your feet where your mouth is!

Weird huh… Carries much water tho. Well.. most of you already know what it means Or have figured out what it means already. It means act instead of talking. I first heard this during a sermon on one of our youth sundays at church. The preacher was talking about love and she was saying that it is high time we stopped preaching love in church and just start showing love to people out there. Because ofcourse like we all know, actions speak louder than words do. Now during her sermon, she kept repeating the phrase “put your feet where your mouth is” Her sermon was mainly about love but that is the main thing i picked out. Put your feet where your mouth is. Why?. Because i could identify with it. Yes. I rarely put my feet where my mouth is. Most of you too. All the while she kept repeating that line, i kept reflecting on it and alot of things came to my mind. I remember a time when i had promised myself to step out of my comfort zone as regards my studies. I kept talking about it. Or more like i kept Using it as my whatsapp and bbm status.(thts talking in its own Way right?). I also kept giving myself mental reminders about it. But well.. u guessed right. It dint happen and it cost me alot. I just kept going on and on about it and did not take Any practical steps to do it. My feet were as still as still can be. No matter how many times i put it on whatsapp and bbm and how many people i told, those words were not going to take me to the library to do the extra reading i needed. Neither would they make me get up early to go for discussions.
Another time in 2013 i really felt like i needed me some Jesus in my life. Almost everything about me had gone astray and i kept telling myself  that i really needed a revival. Obviously it dint come tht easy. You See i made it look like by me just saying this and praying to God to give me a revival would automatically work even without doing anything more practical about it. And i kept re doing the same things i was supposed to be desisting from and then frustration set in. Why wouldnt i be frustrated? I dint put my feet where my mouth was. That was Expected ofcourse. Nomatter how many times i kept saying i needed a revival, i did not make the extra step to get a fellowship Or prayer group Or sth like that.
The worst is with my new year resolutions. Loll. My resolutions have almost been the same since time imemorial because i never do them. This year, i decided to be honest with myself and not make any new year resolutions because i still have pending resolutions from when i was old enough to know what new year resolutions are. I am done with them till further notice.
It is really important to put our feet where our mouth is. It works. It really does. Imagine how life would be If we just gave to the disadvantaged instead of talking about giving, If we just did the extra reading, the discussions and all instead of waiting for Three weeks to exams to begin doing that. (thts a tough one for most of us.) Lol. Anyway, the world would Definately be a better place. It would be easier. Way too easy. When we put our feet where our mouth is, we get that satisfaction. That feeling of fullfilment and accomplishment. The whole revival thingy i wanted in 2013, i worked on it in 2014 and i got this fullfilment. I joined an amazing cell and fellowship called. Everything turned out good in that area.The frustration, it went running out of the door, the revival, i got it exceedingly and beyond what i wanted and i kept asking myself why i just hadnt done this earlier. It was as simple as looking for å fellowship i could fit in. I should be signing off. I hope we will all start to put our feet where our mouths are. Just do that thing you have always been saying you will do, visit that person who have always Promising to visit. (Eden am talking to you.) Lol. You want good grades, the sem hås started. Go to the library as soon as you arrive (this one is for you sammy. Dont kill me). Anyway, let us make stuff easier for us by acting rather than just talking. Have a good day. And please dont forget to drop a comment after you have read. Thanks.


  1. Wow… you should study counselling too. Nice message. .I didn't get time to read all of it when you posted it but this is very encouraging and important in our lives. I am going to use this to encourage me this year. I am put my feet where my mouth is. ..


  2. Hihi kyoka Akitwi.. mbu”bu feet”. Haha. Ela We r putting them together In that area. But If u were serious abt tht u wdnt hve sent me to buy for u Ur ka tt. U would hve woken up At 7:00 to Go buy It. Haha
    And Thank you.


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