Letter to my mood swings

Dear mood swings, i wrtite this letter to you to address my grievances. I am not happy with this “relationship” at all. Come to think of it, i don’t even remember how we became this close. I don’t remember you asking me out. You just literally appeared into my life. Mysteriously. So i don’t even understand why we have such a close relationship. Now that one can be the least of my grievances but the way you Make yourself the boss of this relationship yet you forced me into it!.. I don’t understand.
Let me just get to the gist of this letter already.
1. I do not like your domineering and controlling attitude. You walk in and out of my life as you please. This is the worst of them all. Why do you have to Control what i eat, how i dress, the way i feel.. i do not like it when i have to snap at people out of the blue just because you feel i should do that. I do not like going through a variety of emotions all in one day. How can one person just be sad, happy, excited, irritated, remorseful, kind, rude etc etc all in a day just because of you!. You sure do have some nerve.
2. I am suspecting you of Using “juju” on me. I have a good reason. How else would i explain the fact that you manage to dictate the path my day will take and i fail to do anything about it. As in i just sit back and let you get away with it and even when i try to fight, the efforts i Make to fight you are futile?.. (Talk about making me dead Or paralysed for the duration of your reign and then bringing me back to life as you leave).. My dear mood swings, only juju can Make you achieve that. (Especially with me). I am sure. So do not say i accused you falsely.
3. You even have sexist tendencies. Ok for this i will not be so Hard on you beacuse my accusations are grounded on mere heresay. Anyway i heard that you only target females. Why do you have to do that? If you must really manifest your glory in people’s lives why not make it equal?.. we are in the erä of equality of sexes. Just attack the men too to make this whole thing balanced. I wouldn’t be complaining If that was how you operate. 
In conclusion, please leave me alone. If you really feel you cannot live without relationship, then we should discuss the terms of the relationship because i cannot continue to be controlled and bullied. We need to have equal rights. I am a lawyer in the making remember? You shouldnot let me get to the point where i tell you about my rights. So make your choice and get back to me.
Till then…


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