Take a THANKFUL Pill Part 1.

Hey started blogging on wordpress but shifted to blogger. Here is one of the Posts i did on wordpress. I am just going to zerox the other one making just a few changes. So do not mind the inconsistency in the year. I did it last year. Enjoy the read. so today its all about being thankful. This Post will be divided into two parts because i have alot to say about being thankful. Hehe. Do not get tired of reading.
1st Thessalonians 5:18 In everything, give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
It is almost the end of the year and it is that time to sit back and say “this far the Lord has brought me.” Now some of us be thinking “you do not know how bad this year has been for me” Or “you do not know what i have gone through this year”. True you have had a rough year and you Wish this year could end so that you can have a new beggining. But hey, the mere fact that you are alive reading this Post gives you reason to be thankful. Actually let me do some freestyling for you so that you can gerrit better “we only have one Way to live by yet we face one thousand ways to die. That is an unbalanced ratio of one to one thousand”… Feeling my flow. Heheh. Relax. That is from a friend’s spoken word piece. It is not my innovation. I cant freestyle anything. *frowns* we are faced with one thousand ways to die but we Make it past those athousand, we gotta be thankful. I mean really thankful because ofcourse we did not keep ourselves alive. God was watching over us the whole time. And besides, whatever the situation we are going through,,there is someone going through something worse and wishing to live the kind of life you are living. So let us just relax, take a thankful pill and Start being thankful. After all the Bible tells us to be thankful in all situations.
We may not have achived any of the resolutions we made for this year but we achived something else. We may not have achieved anything but we had food, we had shelter, we had people who checked on us every day. That is more than enough to be thankful for. Sometime back there was a story on TLC about a woman who had been dead for three years and no one had noticed that she was missing. I mean no one reported her missing, no one checked on her for three years!. People, this is a true story. Not ugawood Or nollywood stuff. Now we have people who check on us everyday, we have people who pray for us even when we do not ask them to, people who do everything within their might just to Make us happy and we still find nothing to be thankful for?. Let us swallow that thankful pill and relax. Now some of us be saying “why should i be thankful yet i walk to my destination everyday… Darling. There is someone out there who is stuck up somewhere because he cannot walk. Altleast you have legs and you can walk. So you Wont be thankful because you did not graduate with a first class degree?.. well.. think about all the people who have not  not graduated at all. Take the thankful pill and relax. Like my friend Fionah would put it ” stop throwing yourself a pity party.”
I am bringing out all these scenarios just to show us that whatever the circumstance we are going through, there are people out there who would kill to have even half of what we have. Being thankful does not stop at being thankful to God, it extends to being thankful to people. Let it be part of our day to day lives. Sometimes we even fail to be thankful after we have been complimented. We would rather say three sentences instead of saying just two words. So a conversation may go like this “Hey mercy i like your hair” and mercy says.. “hmm this hair that makes me look like an old woman. Oba why did i even put it”… Or “mercy i love your top” mercy goes like “annhaa this top of 2k. It even looks old but munange i just have to wear it”.. really!. Thank you would have worked and saved time. What mercy say If she had rugs on instead of the top. We should just say thankyou and save time instead of giving responses that leave the other person wondering who did such damage to our self esteem. I learnt the Hard way when a friend of mine commented on my pictures on facebook saying they looked good. I commented back saying hers look good too and she said that mine look better and then i was there saying this and that and someone who was following our comments commented and said “just say Thank you”. Oucch. That was embarrasing. But i realised i was just prolonging the thing instead of saying Thank you and letting it be.
So as the year begins, let us develope a thankful spirit and find something to be thankful for each day.
Ephesians 5:20.
I should end here. Part 2 of this post will be here very soon. Please leave a comment. Thanks. Nice day.


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