Hellos… I started writing this Post late yesterday after i had just arrived home filled with dust to the extent that two hours later i was still feeling like i was inhaling dust. I had been at hostel. First of all, my journey from home to hostel only resulted in me getting flue and arriving like i had been at the garden for like two days constant. Then the journey from hostel back home.. hhmm. No words. Lets just say it inspired me to start writing this post. But well.. i got lazy and decided to sleep and continue writing today. Initially, the Post was supposed to be about this unbearable Mukono dust (especially Buguju) but then a friend of mine who lives in Nigeria made me change my mind. Or rather told me  something that made me change my mind. So instead of complaining about this dust, i am just going to be glad that atleast i am way better than my buddy in Nigeria. So this morning he tells me his night was bad because of Harmattan. So i asked him what Harmattan was (kunsa If u already knew wat it was before this Post, please dont rub it in my face. Thank you. PS:. I dint do Geography so i have a right not to know. Haha) ok, back to naija friend. He was in shock and he first asked “u mean you dont have it in Uganda? Thats unfair.” I told him we dont have. (Atleast to the best of my knowledge) then he proceeds to explain that they are dry cold winds that blow from Sahara dessert from about December to March and they are so dusty that at some point, they can make the hair on one’s body grey and can also crack up the lips and feet. Say what!?.. ofcourse my first reaction was laughter. I mean who wdnt laugh at the thought of wind making hair grey?. lol. So i just laughed said sorry and let it pass. So later today i went to kampala and did alot of moving around and naturally the inspiration to write about this heat and dust re struck. Lol. It was too hot. I was doing alot of moving around, my jeans and feet were extremely dirty, i just cdnt wait to get home and write about it. Then the mighty Harmattan came to my mind. I decided not to complain. I realised someone in Nigeria has grey hair because of wind. Atleast my hair is not grey (though kunsa said his hair is turning blond ish due to the dust. Loll.), my buddy said the wind can crack up your lips and feet. Now i know about the lips getting charped and not cracked. (I have decided to use the literal Meaning of cracked). And what i am Most thankful for is that this mukono dust doesnt crack our feet. (Atleast my feet. I dont know about yours). I can imagine getting “nkya nkya” because of dust. Lol. Anyway i should not be complaining about this mukono dust and heat. Its hard not to but i am going to try. We dont have Harmattan in mukono so…
I do not know whether there are places in Uganda that experience winds the Nature of Harmattan. If there are and you live in such a place and  happen to read this post, feel free to share your experience about it in the comments section.(including you Ayo). This should be all for today. I am tired. Have a lovely night and go to church tommorrow.
PS: the pictures below show the Harmattan winds. For those who dont know how the look.


  1. “Wwwooowww… Now this write up just made my day. I still think it’s unfair that you do not have harmattan in Uganda though. Well, the business man in me tells me that it is something that we can export to you. At least, we enjoy each others movies, sports et’al. So why not harmattan.”


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