The Birthright.

Happy Sunday.. We all know the story of Jacob and Esau in the Bible. We have heard it in sunday school, read the story many times, or heard people talk about it. Personally, it Isnt a really captivating story to me compared to the other Bible stories. It is just one of those stories i read and go to the next thing. However i Saw this story in a different light yesterday. The story of Jacob and Esau is a powerful story each of us should take seriously. I realised this story preaches prayer patience, desperation and compromise. You just need to study it more critically or be told that those principles exist before you know.
1. Prayer: Genesis 25:21-22
Rebecca was barren and isaac went to inquire of the Lord. He prayed to God to give her the fruit of the womb. The verses are clear that isaac went to inquire of the Lord Now when we are faced with challenges who do we turn to first? Almost all of us instinctively turn to the people nearest to us…friends, family and then after seeking their counsel, we turn to God. Isaac went to inquire of God. He did not ask his friends Or Call for the wisest men in the land to seek their counsel. Now i am not saying we shdnt tell our friends and family about our challenges, we should but go to God first. After all when we ask, we shall receive. It doesnt matter when we receive it. One thing for certain is we shall receive because God is not man that he should lie. So like isaac, let us run to God first in times of challenges.
2. Patience:. Genesis 25:20 & 26 This is a story with strong principles about patience. Isaac married Rebecca when he was 40 and she have birth to Jacob and Esau when he was 60. He was a patient man. Not many would have waited. Especially at that time in the O.T when it seemed okay for one man to have many wives. When we are impatient, we miss out on the best life has for us. Let us take an example of how sarah’s impatience made her persuade Abraham to have a son with Haggar and then she bore a son too shortly after. I think we all know the consequences of Sarah’s decision since they are still existent to date. Had she been patient, probably the story would have been different and we wouldn’t be having these major wars. Let us imagine Esau had been alittle patient and not sold his birthright to Jacob just for some food, probably the story would have been different. Probably we would be saying “God of Abraham, Isaac and Esau.” Lol. Yes. He missed out on his name being called upon alongside the name of the King of Hosts Himself!. Such a loss!. Anyway impatience is costly. Ask me. I know because i have been there and i havent yet left fully. If its not fast, then its not good enough. Sometimes it works but most times its not worth it. Impatience leads to doing things out of desperation. You know when you are impatient, desperation sets in and we tend to do things just because we are desperate. Esau was desperate for food and just because of that he chose to sell his birthright to Jacob!. That was clear desperation brought about by Impatience. I can imagine. a king selling his throne for some chicken change because of desperation. ( I watched a Nigerian movie with that plot). And when all was said and done, he wanted to reclaim his birthright but ofcourse it was too late. Isaac had already blessed Jacob.
3. Compromise:. Genesis 25:30-34. In verse 32 Esau tells Jacob that his birthright is of no use if he is going to die. And verse 34 says that Esau despised(compromised) his birthright. Now these verses clearly show us that Esau thought he had everything figured out:… (He was hungry, Jacob had food but he wanted Esau to sell his birthright to him inorder to have some food, he found it a fair deal after all if he didn’t have the food he would die and the birthright would be of no importance. So he let go of the birthright.) Now many times we miss out on our “birthright”(our promise from God. Promise of Prosperity, a hope and a future) because we “have it all figured out”. We have analysed the whole situation and then come up with a plan leaving out God’s initial plan for us. (Jeremiah 29:11). When we figure it all out in our heads, we compromise our birthright. You know why? Because most times when we figure stuff out for ourselves, we do it to fit our comfort zone. Where our comfort will be stretched alittle bit is not part of our “perfect plan”. Our “perfect plan” fits us just fine. The harder part of it is not for us. That’s compromise. We assign ourselves the wide road and assign the narrow one to others. What we should know is that God’s great plans for us do not come on that smooth wide road. Remember the pains Joseph went through, Abraham, Job, David etc.. all those are stories of greatness but we realise they went through a tough time to get to the greatness. But they got there anyway because they did not compromise their birthright. They hang on. Friends, the narrow road is always not where the crowd is. Why shouldn’t we take it. Lets imagine Esau had not compromised his birthright, I guess the story would have been different. He would have endured the hunger to protect his birthright.
We all have “birthrights” ( not that type of birthright Esau had) but different other things that God has planned to use to give us greatness. Now friends lets not kill God’s vibe here by figuring it all out for ourselves. He is the one with the Perfect plan. Ours is just but our mere plan. Like Pastor James of Watoto East once said “write your plans in pencil and give God the rubber.” This is because our perfect plan is for our comfort but God’s perfect plan involves some challenges. Let us embrace it. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.Enjoy the read and please leave a comment at the end.
Enjoy your Sunday.


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