7 for Hope. Day 1

Hello.. So its my girl Hope’s birthday week And i had promised myself to do Seven posts for Her. One post each day. (Yes. She is worth it). Did i hear you ask how i am going to handle It?.. God dey. Now.. i had forgotten that her BD week had started already.( And i have a marked calender by my bed. Uhmm. Smh.) Anyway thanks Sammy for reminding me. So i Will have to do two post today to cover up for the two days past already. So help me God. I need it. Loll.. this post is mainly about how Hope and i met.
It Has been exactly 1 year and 9 months since i met Hope but It feels like i have known Her for a lifetime. These 21 months have been worthwhile… I am glad i know you.  Hope and i met through our mums who introduced us to eachother. I remember mum telling me to become Hope’s friend because she had already done Law pre enrty interviews at MUK Which i hadnt. So she would give me useful advise on how to go about the UCU pre enrty. Loll. (We had been introduced before the pre enrty period but only became friends during tht period).Lol talk about useful friendship. So Anyway i took her number and We texted abit. Ofcourse Just Planning to meet so that she could give me the useful advise i was told about. So i met her sometime In May 2013 and when she saw me, she gave me this HUGE smile and a warm hug like We had been buddies for forever.( yes hope. U did that. Probably u have Just forgotten). What threw me back about that day Was the way she Just started chatting with me immediately she was done giving me the hug. Loll. It Was like i was her long Lost buddy she had to do some catching up with. We talked about hair, about work during vac, about how vac was boring, we couldnt wait to get to campus. Loll. She told me about Law pre entries at MUK.(ok more like she complained about them. Lol). So i was getting scared and she reassured me that the one of UCU was easier. She even gave me her VERY huge Aptitude Test book. Hehe ( which i dint even read). You people the Way Hope had prepared for pre entries, its like she was one of the super powers fighting world war 3. Anyway she was so sweet to me. She invited me for Community worship( It Was thursday). I spent about an hour with her and i knew she was Keeper. You know looking back, i kept wondering how she would Just have alot to say to me. It Was Just the first time We were really “meeting” one on one, and she treated me like a long time buddy. As i left that day, i knew i had made a friend. Being with her was Just easy. It Was comfortable. 21 months down the road, and i would like be her friend for eternity
During her birthday week, i Pray God grants Her happiness, joy, peace, her heart’s desires, Her dreams, excellence, success, with long life He Will satisfy Her.
I need to end here now. Its late. Next post comes tommorrow morning which will make up for Monday then the actual post for today will be posted later at night.
Enjoy the read and please leave a comment.
Btw did i tell you that Just a few minutes before i left Hope’s Home that day she goes like “Btw What is your name?. And i give Her this shocking look because i literally knew all her three names by then (my mum’s handwork) and she says “do you know i saved your number as “some babe.” Coz i dint know your name”… Loll. (Me, some babe!! Hehe). So this girl had Just been jazzing me all this time and dint even know my name. Lol. I couldnt even get angry It was Just too funny. Love you Hope.


  1. OH MY GOD! !! THIS IS TOO MUCH♡♡♥♥.. < iam over whelmed> thanks for the honor. I can't remember saving your name like that lolest haha I wish you were here I would hug you off the ground hihi I feel like a Guest of honor!!!


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