7 for Hope. Day 2.

Hello.. So its the second post on my 7 post series for Hope. If you havent read the first one, make sure you read It first. As you saw from the first post, my friendship with Hope Just happened. Dint need any “get to know you better” stuff before we became tight. We did pre entries, ofcourse we both passed and then we became roomates at Luwum Hall… Now that was Just one rollacoster semester. We Just connected. We did stuff together. Went to DH together, went to class together( for those general classes), We kind of loved the same stuff, some of her friends became my friends, some of my friends became her friends, we even had friends In common. Lol. (Sammy darling). We Just connected so well. She was the ideal rommie. You know there are people who you never really get to “meet” until you live with them.(Especially ladies). Living with Hope Was easy.. i remember oneday In cell We were talking about our first experiences at campus and almost all the girls in my cell had a story Or two to tell about a roomiezilla… I am grateful my roomie instead became more than a friend. She is that shoulder to lean and cry on. She is that person you expect an automatic yes from. Ok not for everything. For stuff worth the yes. Hihi. She is a sister, a best friend, an inspiration, a testimony, she is a darling.. never quick to judge me. Even during those times when another person would have judged, she dint. Always and always has my back. Always.
I celebrate you hope.. ofcourse you dont know how much u mean to me.You mean so much more than enough than a thousand friends. Love you to the moon and back.
I Pray God fulfills His plans and promises in your life.(Jeremiah 29:11). Each and every single one of them. You know He Has great Plans for you. Embrace them, claim them and He Will surely fulfill… Enjoy your birthday week Hope. Happy Birthday In Advance.
Enjoy the read. And Please leave a comment.
Have a Nice day.


  1. Oh God ! I am humbled. You remember every single detail about me that I don't take for granted. Thank you God for making me meet Mercy because when you gave her to me you gave me a double blessing! Love you pretty Angel


  2. Mercy I knew Hope bfo u hihihi Hope Mercy was in shock wen I told ha I knew you Hehehe thou I wasn't Hopez frend till we cem to UCU n thank God we became frends coz yo a blessing Hopie Hopu
    …love love you alot Happiest birthday in advance


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