7 for Hope. Day 4. (Sammy and Mimi)

Hellos… Its day 4 already on my 7 day series for Hope. I am particularly excited today. Its my dad’s birthday and I am happy that for once it wasnt one of our(my family’s) birthday messages to him that reminded him that it is his birthday. lol. When i sent him the birthday message earlier today, he replied immediately. Which shows that he knew it was his bd. Happy Birthday Papa. May you live to see many more years.

 So back to day 4 for Hope. Today, two of my sweetest, loviest, prettiest, bestest, most awesome, most amazing friends have written somehing nice about Hope and I will be posting what they wrote here.
This is from my darling Sammy:

sammy with the pretty big eyes.
Here is a toast to God for creating such an amazing person, someone you can count on at all times, someone with a really big beautiful heart. Here is to the times we have had so far for they have bound us to what we are now…. Friends forever. And finally here is a toast to 16th January and to Mrs Owor for bringing such a beautiful and great to the world. 
Happiest Birthday in advance Hopie and know that I love you more than you will ever know. God bless you every step of the way.

And now the next paragraph is from my darling Mimi

pretty mimi

First of all Hope…. love you to the moon and back… (you know who i love to the sun and back… do u get? cos the sun is further than the moon…am gonna stop confusing you know). Happy Birthday baby… known you for a year now… and trust me its been a beautiful beautiful year.. you have been there in happy, not happy, rich, broke times… (notice how i dint say sad times).. because there has never been a sad time with you.. and i pray there will never be….x….thanks for being my padi(thats Nigerian for friend)… i gat your back gurl…lol..xxx.

Okay.. thats it from my girls. Thanks Mimi and Sammy for agreeing to this. i typed word for word as you put it… Just as i said i would. So any typos are not mine. They are for Mimi and Sammy.As for Mimi and using …x.. or xxx..lol. so typical of her. Whatever that means Mimi. Anyway happy birthday in advance Hope. May more love like this come your way even after your birthday. loll.

my girls.

Enjoy the read and enjoy your evening.



  1. What can I say? You girls have showered me with so much love. Thanks. My dad usually says people only say nice things when you die but I think I have an idea of what my funeral will be like. ..lol..


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