He is WAKE!

Hello readers. This may be a very long post and like my blog buddy Kunsa would say, some of you will stop reading after the first paragraph. Anyway I am excited as i write this post beacuse i finally get to post it after a long wait. I have been so waiting for the day I would be able to post this. I should not bore you with an explanation as to why i failed to post it earlier. I wrote this post sometime last year when i was thinking about a friend and i just felt so inspired by his life, I decided I would write something where I would just say nice stuff about his talent. After all its not everyday that we will get around to appreciating our friends in detail. Right? He is called Gordons. I prefer to call him Wake.(thats his name too. stage name). However he is always quick to correct me when i introduce him to peolpe as Wake and not Gordons. lol. Anyway for this post, he is Wake. My blog my rules and you cant change that Wake. hehe.

So why was i so inspired by him? getting to it. Wake is an amazingly talented person who is using his talent to reach out to the youth out there. How? through spoken word and rap. You know how exciting it is to grow up with someone and next thing you know is the person is going places because of a talent you watched develope in him? thats how i feel whenever i listen to a song or a poem by Wake. My mind travels back to 2008 when it all started in a not so serious way and just for fun and then to what he does now, its just amaing how God can take people that far. Wake is a gospel rapper. (a real one. not a wannabe one). He raps with a crew called Potter’s clay and they rep’ the kingdom with their skills. To me, he could so pass for Lecrea when you listen to him rap. He is that good. I remember listening to the first song he sent me called “God Forever” i kept asking myself whether it was really Gordons or not. I remember playing it for my mum and siblings and well…. they couldnt believe it too. It was too good to be true and with each song, he keeps getting better. During the Truth’s performance on phatphest, i kept thinking about Wake. To me, it just felt like he should be up there presenting too and not just be part of the audience because he is really good. I feel so inspired when i see him reach out to the youth out there with his talent.

Wake is an amazing poet. Totally A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I have never really been a huge fan of poetry. I just dont know how to “feel” it as the poets and diehard poet lovers do. But it doesnt stop me from reading them whenever i can and listen to people recite them. Most of the ones i have heard been recited(they are not so many) are really interesting. The first time i watched Wake do spoken word was sometime last year at a show at the theatre. I was amazed. Not only beacuse it was Awesome, but because i had never known him to be a poet. I kept watching his performance in awe as some girls kept screaming on top of their voices. loll.(i wish i could insert the audio of that performance here but i have failed to). He was very engaging to his audience, his poem was educative, interactive and funny too. Wake came over to UCU sometime last semester to perform on a certain show. I managed to convince Hope(my friend) and Isaac(the bae) to attend the show with me. It was an awesome one for the record. So Wake did a poem that night and from the reaction of the audience, I could tell that almost everyone was inpressed. As usual it was educative, interactive, engaging and funny. After the his performance, lots of people kept telling him how awesome he was. What crowned the night for me was when Ruyonga walked up to him and complimented him too. That was huge. considering he is a Ruyonga fan.

I was amazed when a few days after Wake’s performance i asked Isaac to attend a certain show with me and he goes like “is Gordons going to perform? if he is, then i will come.” It felt nice hearing those words. You know how it feels when you convince people to come watch your friend perform and promise them that he will do awesome stuff and then after the show they all be wondering why you took them there. loll. So i was happy to know he was impressed.
Well… I know some of you stopped reading like a long time ago so i should be writing anymore on this post. I feel satisfied now that i have said what i had always wanted to say about Wake. I have tried to link some of the audios and pictures of the performances i have but they have failed. But you can follow his crew Potter’s Clay on twitter: @vessels_of_God.
Enjoy the read. Remember to leave a comment. Enjoy your afternoon.



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