7 for Hope. Day 5. (Isaac)

Hellos… Its day 5 on the 7 day series for Hope. Yippee.. am happy. The D day is just a few hours away! How exciting is that!. Today, i am not posting anything for her. My very best of best friends, my Dhahabu, my number one person and a friend of Hope too will be writing about her…. So Enjoy… As you read it.. So on to Isaac now…
Hihi am nervous.hope bear with my English anti m told tumoro z Ur bd
Naye u look like very old, shud u b celebrating Birthdays, bt since ma Dhahabu has told me write.. me in ma life I hv celebrated only one Birthday wc u knew abt how r u gna celebrate Ur birthday young lady
1. Wake up very late
2. Chop all Lectures of the day
3. Eat enough in the dh
4. Throw yourself a surprise birthday party ( mercys idea)
5. Wear make up for once ( ts a must)
6. Sleep Sleep sleep
Now dts t Frm me ….sikyayina bya wolokoso…… Happy birthday hope ongwen jakisa owor ….
Hhmm… People whom I tell to write ko on my blog and they just write 5 lines(sammy, mimi n izo). No more invites.
Wama Hope happy happy happy birthday in advance. Wish I could scare you like I did last year. Loll. Come to think of it… I should have scared you this time too.. anyway happy bd my love…
Can’t wait to post my bd post tommorrow. Well Armed!!. Eeh I had promised not to post anything today but izo’s 6 lines of a post is making me do so.. lemme go off now. Ooh..and btw thank you my darling izo for posting. That was sweet of you.. much love.
Gdnyt for now…


3 thoughts on “7 for Hope. Day 5. (Isaac)

  1. Aww thanks Isaac. Yes I am going to make myself a surprise party. .lol do you know how that sounds? Mercy , I love the new face of your blog. Ate mercy my replies have been longer than all the three combined lol
    love you guys to bits…very bits mwaa


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