7 for Hope. Day 6.

Hello there.. its day 6. The D Day!.. I am so tired but well.. this post has to go up.. So my baby Hopiey has turned 21!…(ululations in the Ateso style). Hihi. It was just yesterday when she was in kindergarten. Loll. As if I saw her. Anyway I thank God For this. Very many people haven’t made it to there 21st Birthdays..
So for today, I have just a few stuff I would like Hope to mark as must do for her next 21years… Well Hope, it’s not by force but yap you must do them.
Will be getting back to continue on that later. For now I have a mini bd get together to attend…
So I dint get back to write last night as I said I would. I got so tired. Anyway.. continuing, Hope… These are your must dos for the next 21 years of  life.
1. Finish Law school; I don’t just mean finish the four years, finish LDC too. Remember all that talk we used to have about not going to LDC n all… Loll. Darling that was 19year old talk. Now we should be talking actually going to LDC because Bambi all this suffering and sacrifice we do for Law school shouldn’t lead to a dead end.  So woman, make sure going to LDC is in your Law school plans.
2. Get rich!. By all means do. I mean it! And not that managing rich, I mean the super rich. Hihi. Now why am I so concerned about you getting rich?.. am getting to it… You know you will have to sponsor my bridal shower, all my baby showers, my masters n PhD grad parties… Who knows you could even buy me a house near the lake in Entebbe So love, don’t you see that you need to be super rich to do all that.. by all means…. Get rich!
3. Get married.. this one I shouldn’t even be telling you. Kubanga am sure kwanjula shopping is starting soon. Hihi. #kidding# and I need one of those positions on the wedding. I don’t want maid of honour. Give me something else.. like… Uuh… Chief shopper for the bridal team. That one I will handle well.
4. When your beautiful daughter comes.. I have already stolen godmother position. Mimi and sammy can be for your sons. I want the daughter because by default, I only know how to spoil girls. So Hope, I have booked. Don’t say you forgot.(have this post in your mind throughout the 9 months). Loll.
5. Go to Jerusalem. Who wouldnt want to do that.. Hope, you should. How awesome would it be to see all the stuff you read about in the Bible, walk on the paths Jesus walked on, stand in the temples and synagogues Jesus preached from, swim in the river Jordan… that would be so cool. I believe it’s something you should really consider doing.
6. In the dead of the night, go to the balcony of a house, and lie facing the sky and then listen to your favourite worship songs as you do that. That’s kinda weird. I haven’t experienced it yet. I read about it from a certain blog and the blogger said it is always a great worship experience for her when she does that. It sounded cool to me. So I think you should try it out.
7. Uuh… I was seriously thinking of a number 7 but it has skipped my mind. So u can handle the 6 for now right… Thank you.  Need to sign out now. My last post on this 7 day series goes up today..
Have a lovely day. Much Love



  1. Oh God such selfless wishes. i dont take this for granted, thank you so much dear, i will fulfil each of these in Jesus' Name with God being my Helper. (tears of joy) Mercy you are a blessing in my life.


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