Morning Crazy!..

Date: 18th Jan 2014
Time Check: 11:40pm.. Organising for my morning lecture. I see a post on the class group from the class rep telling us that the lecture is at LR3. My timetable reads LR2 so I wonder why she says its at LR3. Then I remember that there was this talk about the timetable being restructured so I text the class rep to ask what time the first lecture is, no reply. She must be sleeping already. Since the timetable I had said 7:30am, I decided to set my alarm for 6:40am and slept.

Date.. 19th Jan 2015.

Time Check: 6:30am. I wake up, check my phone, its 6:30am. I am glad that I have woken up before my too loud alarm could wake me up. I turn off the alarm and decided to say a short prayer before I start getting ready.(you know that prayer you say while still lying in bed). Connect my phone to charge and get back into bed to pray.

Time Check: 7:21am:.. a dream wakes me up. I stare around the room for a few seconds trying to internalise my surroundings. I must have fallen asleep for a few minutes while praying. Its okay. Afterall it must be just 7:00am. I can get ready and be in class by 7:30am. I casually walk to check the time on my phone.. 7:21am!!. Waaatttt! Is this time really correct. I throw the phone on the bed, run to the shower, realise we don’t have water, pick my bucket run downstairs. First stop is the class rep’s room. Dint wait for her to open the door I just screamed out “what time is the lecture?” And she makes me feel worse by saying “its right now”. I run as fast as I can to the tank to fetch water and then I see a classmate just getting out of his room to polish his shoes. My nerves calm somewhat considering he is one of the most punctual people in class. I expect him to be in class already.  He reminds me we have a 7:30 lecture and I confidently tell him I will be in class by then. I run back and I find the class rep just locking up her room to leave hostel. She is on phone telling someone that its Bob Rawlings coming and he never misses a lecture. Okay. My heart literally dropped. Bob Rawlings!. My timetable reads Family Law not Land Transactions. I double check with the class rep and she says yes. Its Bob Rawlings. Haa!. If I was running before that, I literally flew to room this time. So this guy was actually not going to allow me in class a minute later than 7:30.

7:31 am. The class rep replies the text I sent the night before at 11:40pm. She says the lecture is at 7:30. I laugh and speak in my mind. “Really! Don’t make me feel worse you told me that just a few minutes ago”. I rush to the bathroom.

7:34am:.. I am out of the bathroom. Check the time. Not bad. I will make it to class by 7:50. I turn on my data. I know People already in class will be updating others whether the lecturer has come or not. For some reason, the class group is silent. This is unsual. I double check to see if my data is really turned on. Yes. It is. So the only explanation for the silence would be that the lecturer was already in class. I put lotion on my body in the most interesting way and throw my clothes on. I give myself a mental pat on the back for cleaning my shoes and ironing my clothes the night before.

7:44am. I am seriously considering just slowing down my pace and accept to miss this lecture because the Lecturer won’t allow me in class anyway. I was too late already. Then finally someone texts on the class group asking what time the lecture is. Loll. Atleast I know what time it is. Someone replies and judging by the reply, it seems the lecturer isn’t in class yet. I lay my bed grab my bag and storm out of room. I get a boda and head to main gate. 

7:51am. I am almost reaching LR3. I see two of my classmates standing outside class. I know the lecturer has refused them to enter. I just decide to do a U turn and go to the photocopier to buy a new timetable then go to the Library instead of wasting my time standing outside class. On my way to the photocopier, I meet a classmate who persuades me to go with her. She says we will give him excuses if he refuses us to enter. So my mind is working out all the possible excuses to give.( I had forgotten that you don’t accept people in past time, I wasn’t in this class last semester, I had a dead sem so I dint know, I thought a new semester comes with new rules blah blah blah.). We reach class and the lecturer says come in. Just like that!. This guy was really in a good mood today. 

8:10 am Finally seated in class. And people keep entering class even up to 9:15am when the lecturer was giving his closing remarks. Lol.

So… That was how I got to class today. Moral of my experience today, do not pray while lying in bed, and do not predict people’s actions. I almost missed a lecture because I had predicted the lecturer wouldnt let me in. Should be signing out now. Have to read equity. Lecturer coming at 2:00.

Enjoy your day. 




  1. Hahaha. Izzo you know wen u do sth good and smeone pats you on the back for doing that.. like well done do it again…. I did that to myself in my mind.. thats why I called it a mental pat on the back. Coz it happened in my mind.


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