Her world came crashing down.

Hello readers… Hope everyone is doing fine. This is my first shot at fiction. I hope you enjoy it. 
She is very excited today. It is a beautiful evening. She sings excitedly as she goes about her chores. Today is going to be the end of her long struggle. Today she is going to see the benefits of parenthood. Her little boy is doing his last paper today. He will be finishing his Bachelors degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering today. An Engineer. Her little boy is going to be an Engineer finally. And she is going to be the proud mother of an Engineer. She hears her phone ringing and she runs to pick it. He is supposed to be finishing at about this time. He said he will call her as soon as he is done. She picks up the call and what she hears makes her dumb. It is the police on the line. Her son has been arrested for drug trafficking at the university. Whats worse, he was found with illegal possession of fire arms too. Really?!. Her son?!. No. It can’t be her son. The police must be mistaken. Something about this is not right. Mistaken identity perhaps or probably he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or he was even framed. Yes. He could have been framed. Her baby boy, her only son, her only child could not harm a fly not to talk of being in possession of fire arms. She will go to the police station. She knows he will explain to her and she will believe him and then she will convince the police officers to believe him too. She understands him more than anyone does. He is her son. She is his mother. She knows he will tell her the truth. After all she carried him in her womb for 9 months, she did everything within and without her might to give him the best in life. She is sure he won’t lie to her. 
She heads straight for the police station as soon as she alights from the taxi. She cannot wait to unfold the truth her son would tell her to the police officers.
The police officers tell her all they had found out about her son. Including showing her physical evidence to back it up. But still, she cannot believe them. Her little boy is far too innocent to even be associated with the cocaine, heroine, cut, marijuana and a pistol that were carefully placed infront of her. She listens to the police officers carefully and patiently. She will not stop them. No she wont. She will just wait for the time she will see her little boy and then he will tell her the truth and she is sure the officers will understand.
After a litte while, he is brought to her. And she gives him a big smile filled with alot of mixed emotions… Fright, hope, joy, sadness, pity.. she gives him the tightest hug she remembers ever giving him in his entire life. When they are seated finally, she asks him to tell her the truth. He says “Mum I am a drug addict and I am part of a gang that’s why I have a gun”… She laughed. Even in this state, her little boy still has a sense of humour. You see, such a sweet innocent boy cannott do that. So she asks him to tell her who is framing him and he holds her arms, looks deeply into her eyes and repeats what he told her with more emphasis this time. “Mum, I am a drug addict and I am part of a gang that’s why I have a gun”. She holds his gaze and goes totally silent.. she wonders what happened. How it happened.. this was her little boy. It was just yesterady. Just yesterady she took him to sunday school. She remembers him looking into her eyes and telling her “one day I am going to make you proud”.  She held that as a promise from him. It was a pact they made and whenever he would go astray she would remind him that he promised to make her proud. He shouldn’t break his promise because she would hold him accountable in the future. She kept looking into his eyes feeling so betrayed, so cheated. Why would he do it that to her. Hadn’t he told her that he would make her proud. He had betrayed her. He had failed her. She is about to rain a storm of curses at him then she sees it. Behind the red eyes of a dangerous drug addict, she sees the far away look of a hopeless and helpless little boy. Behind his shatttered clothes she sees a more shattered soul and spirit. Behind his frail looking body, she sees her weak son being eaten away by this problem. That is her little boy calling to her for help in all his silence. She doesnt say a word to him. Doesnt even shed a tear. She is a strong woman. They say he will be released the next day or so if she paid a certain amount of money. An amount of money she knows she doesn’t have. But she says she will pay it. Her son will get out of the cell.
Her journey back home is a silent one. She doesnt do anything. She doesnt even think about anything she is just as blank as blank can be. She heads straight for her bedroom as soon as she reaches home. She tries to stop the memories from flooding her mind. The memory of her little boy. The happy old days, the school times, the times she took him to church, the times she was one of the most proud mamas because of something he had done. She Remembers how she was the envy of all the other moms. Her son was something else! She remembers how she won the mother of the year award in her son’s secondary school five times in a row! That was something that made the other moms envious. And now her world had come crushing down on her feet. Just like that. In a flash. What hurt most is she dint see it coming. She would have avoided this. She is a fixer. She would have fixed this ofcourse. How did she miss it. She had failed as a mother. How did this happen. Just then, a strange force posseses her and she starts to destroy everything in her room. She throws her phone at the wall, breaks the bedside lamp, throws the clock against the door, throws her clothes out of the wadrobe and then the tears come. Her  the tears fall down from her eyes. A single line of tears on her cheeks turn into a whole flood. Flowing down from her eyes, staining her cheeks, her chest, soaking her chiffon top. She cries her heart out. She feels betrayed and cheated but most of all she feels like a failure. She had let her little boy turn into what he was now just before her eyes. Then she gets angry. She gets angry at everyone and everything. Herself, her son, the police, even God. Yes. Most especially God. How could He do this to her. How could He let this happen to her. Hadn’t she prayed to Him enough. Hadn’t she dedicated her little boy’s life to Him when he was just a child?. Hadn’t she brought him up in the ways of the Lord? Why would God let this happen to her. This was unfair. She is but a poor widow. He promised in His word that He will be the husband of the widows and the father of the orphans. So why is He letting her suffer. She cries her heart out. Her world has surely come crashing down. How is she going to get that huge sum of money to pay the police officers?. She has to pay them you know. Her son will not stay in that cell any longer than tommorrow. She is certain. She is a fixer. She is a strong African woman. She will find that money. Yes. She will. She just starts to cry again and then decides to take it to God in prayer. She prays and cries and the curses God and then prays to Him again, then curses him and the cycle continues until she fell asleep. 
She awakens in the morning to the sweet melody from the birds filling her room. She keeps her eyes closed, internalising her surroundings. She is in her room. In her bed. She feels peaceful. The morning has this calmness about it. With her eyes still closed, she wonders what today is. She knows today is important but she can’t  remember what exactly is supposed to happen today. She decides to reach for her phone so as to check her calender and then wham! Its back to her mind. Her little boy, the drugs, the pistol, her shattered room, her tears, the money… Her eyes fly open. She should run out now and go look for the money to give the police officers. She jumps out of bed. Oblivious to the fact that her room is very neat and organised. The shattered clock, lamp, door were all intact. Her mind is so into saving her son that she does not realise all this. She throws on the nearest dress she can find and storms out of the room. She has to save her little boy. She runs to the sitting room and there he is. Her little boy. Panic and fear grip her. Had he escaped from the police cell?. Why hadn’t he been patient. She was going to save him. He knew it. Why had escaped from the police cell yet he knew the implications of that. His voice brings her back to the moment. “Mum, I said, do you like my gown?” And just then, she looks at him and he Isnt as unkempt and frail as he looked yesterday. Actually he isn’t unkempt and frail at all. There he is, standing before her smiling in his. graduation gown. Looking posh and tush. She gets confused. She asks him what exactly was going on. With alittle suprise and disappointment that she had forgotten he told her that it is his graduation day. She is so confused. Graduation day?. How? When?. He hasnt even finished his exams. He is supposed to be in police custody for chrissake. So she masters the strength to ask him “so you escaped from prison?”. He laughs out in suprise. “Prison?.. mum, why would I be in prison?. She tells him “yes. You were in prison For drug trafficking and possession of fire arms. Actually I was on my way to bail you out.”. He laughs even louder and says ” mum, you are so interesting!. Were you dreaming or something?” Realisation hits her. Had she been dreaming? She runs back to the room. Atleast her wreck of a room will not lie to her. It will proove that it wasn’t a dream. When she gets into the room, everything is in place. Her bed is neat, everything is intact. Her eyes are not puffy. There is no sign that she had been crying. She sits on her bed and tries to comprehend this. She has been dreaming indeed. It was all a dream. Her little boy isnt not a drug Lord. Neither is he a criminal. He is still her good little boy. Her Engineer. Her champion. She knew her God couldn’t fail her. Today is actually her little boy’s graduation. It is the day when she is going to witness the bountiful harvest from her hard labour. He has fulfilled his promise. He has made her proud. She sits silently thinking about it for a while and then she bursts out laughing. So loudly that her son comes to see what is happening. She is laughing so hard that without knowing why she is laughing, he just joins her too. In unison the laugh and cry but this time they are tears of joy.
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Have a lovely and blessed day. 


  1. One of the first real novels I read was years ago; “So long a letter by Mariam… eemmm.. I think it was Mariam Abah.” Well, the book took me through so many heights of emotions.. It was amazing. This certainly reminds me of that. It’s deep, thoughtfully and carefully crafted. It does not burden me, the reader with too many descriptions. But goes to the heart of the mater and takes me through the emotions of the character. It also touches on the “what else could have been” The suspense was real, the pace was a little slow at the beginning but it was all a part of the build up. For a first attempt, this was fantastic. And don’t take my comments at flattery, I am being honest. I still await the day I will get to criticize you…loll.
    And if you wanted, you could still stretch the story and make something else out of it. Maybe you will do that and come up with a part two someday. But please don’t do it if it wont be better than the first part.
    Again I say fantastic.


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