I chose natural and a i am PROUD!

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Finally i think i have à new year resolution. (I decided not to make any this year because i dont fulfill them). I have resolved to passionately love my hair. Yes. Thats the resolution. How did it Come about?… I love reading alot. I read almost everything. From novels, to blog posts, to study books, anything that will catch my eye, i will read it. Now recently i have been bumping onto posts about natural hair. I have used the word ‘bump’ because i just find these posts out of the blue as i am looking for something else. What gripped me most with these stuff i read about natural hair is the amount of pride the ladies with such hair have. It prompted me to join a community on google+ called Natural Hair Lovers. I have never seen women so proud to have natural hair as these lovely ladies in that community. What is more amazing is most of them have had their hair relaxéd first then opted to go back to natural. Now i have had natural hair literally all my life, considering that i grew my hair throughout my childhood until 2004 when i had to cut it off because of school. Then during my primary and secondary school times i kept plaiting it again over the holiday and then cut it as the term began until i finished form 6 and started growing it again to date. So lets just say i have been growing my hair for 2 years and about 2 months now and all this while it has been and is still natural. I love my natural hair but it has really never been something i take pride in. I just love it. And when am told to relax it, i have à thousand and one reasons i can give not to. Now you know how most of us africans are sort of disadvantaged via hair. Some people have very tough hair that is unbearable to even pass a comb thorugh it. One of my darlings- Mimi broke a comb while combing her hair. loll. So many african women now prefer to have their hair relaxed instead of going through the whole natural hair drama. Anyway finding a community where ladies celebrate the fact that they have natural hair is so thrilling and I have resolved to show my natural hair some love. And most important to be so proud of it. I dont have the best of natural hair. Its so soft, thats good. But its too thin aswell. ( malvine and priscilla i want to steal your hair).So i usually préfer to just have it plaited all the time.( i doubt i have had my hair out for more than à week). This attitude of mine is mainly due to the fact that I believed natural hair doesn’t really need much work. After all its natural. But with what I am finding out, some ladies actually relax their hair to avoid the ‘work’ involved in naturel hair. I also have my hair plaited most of the time because i have difficulties styling it. Usually the wind disorganises it when I style it because its so soft. Or sometimes it just fails to be styled in a particular way. So i was narrowed to only wearing it in a puff or just combing it back. However just recently I saw ladies with thin natural hair make it appear thick by experimenting different stuff. I was amazed. Tue hair looked so puffy, healthy and pretty. I even saw some ladies do curls with their thin natural hair.When I saw that, I decided to stop sitting on my hair and just go out do something with it this year. I realised very Many people out their are so proud to have this hair we do have. I should be proud too. And we cant say we are proud of something and not show it. You know actions speak louder than words. I think i am going to start by leaving my hair out for longer than i used to when I unplait it. ( my hair is usually out for only à day or two. Loll. At most à week). I have to be proud. So new year resolution number 1: I have resolved to passionately love my hair.
I should be signing out now. Going to class. Have à lovely day. And you can check out alot about natural hair on Google. You will be amazed at what you will find out.
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PS:. I had really wanted to put lots  pictures after particular paragraphs but i hve Failed to do so.. so just bear with the pics at the end of the post.


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