The things they say, the questions they ask

Hellos… We all know that natural hair is not à really fancy thing for most African women. In Uganda, out of every 10 women you see, 2 have natural hair (my own statistics). Especially in a university setting. Somehow everyone seems to have relaxéd hair and people are always in shock when they see someone with natural hair. Usually its followed with alot of questions or alot of comments about the hair. Or even alot of unsolicited advise on why you should not wear it natural. So in this next post about being natural I am going to share with you guys some of the comments people make to people with natural hair and some of the questions they often asked too. Now its not bad to ask questions or make comments but when you ask them over and over again (Which they do), it just gets irritating. I have been victim to some of these questions and comments and I have also read about other people who have been asked weird questions. So these are the questions….

1.Why haven’t you relaxed your hair? Don’t you want it to grow?.
Uhm. This on trips me most. Whenever I am asked this question, a thousand not so kind responses form in my mind and quickly get transported to my lips but somehow I just end up not uttering any of them and instead say “it is growing” and then listen to a lecture about how it is not going to grow unless i relax it. And this is usually accompanied with examples of people who had short hair when it was natural and then like magic, it got long when they relaxed it.  But frankly speaking that is a really odd question because obviously the hair is growing. Is there anybody whose hair is still the same length as it was when she had just started growing it?. Ofcourse not. So yes the hair is growing. Whether its natural or treated, its growing. These days i just tell them “its okay. I am not in a hurry to grow it.”
2. Don’t you want to be able to style your hair in different ways?.
Someone asked me that question when she realized I used to only wear my hair in a puff. Okay.. truthfully speaking, by then, whenever I unplaited my hair, I used to wear it only in a puff. So i had no défence at that time. I just laughed and said “i will be fine”. But now, you ask me that and I will show you à thousand and one ways to style it. you will be shocked at how flexible natural hair can be. The last time I undid my hair, I plaited bitutua (I don’t know the English name for that). It amazing how people thought I actually had natural dreads on. So yap.. even natural hair can be styled in different ways
3. How do you comb it? Doesn’t it hurt?
This is the most common one i guess. Nope. Mine doesn’t hurt. At all. I have very soft hair. If only it was thick. Lol. Anyway my hair doesn’t make my head hurt. Combing it is as easy as combing through relaxed hair. I read about à lady who has soft hair too and she got tired of answering this question and just decided to let whoever asked her the question to touch it to feel how soft it is. Lol. I think i should adopt her approach because thats à very common question. But my girl Priscilla has very thick hard natural hair and I believe she doesnt have had time combing it because she i havent heard the relaxing talk from her yet.
4. How do you manage it?
Well… For me, i dont really do much. All I do is plaît and plait again. I also oil it with Virgin Hair Fertilizer, coconut oil and movit avocado oil (when i am in the mood). I wash only after i have unplaited. (Hhm If I were my hair i would sue me for négligence).Anyway I intend to start doing all the stuff i have learned from the various posts and articles i have been reading about caring for natural hair.Like how Many times to wash hair, what hairstyles go well with my hair type, what products to use, how to wear hairstyles that make my thin hair look puffy.. and so on. But basing on the stuff i have read, people with natural hair usually keep trying out différént concoctions until they find that that suits their hair type. Most of them make their own products by mixing up different stuff like coconut oil, avocado oil. Etc. So next time dont ask over and over again. Just google to see how we manage it.
5. Dont you have money to relax your hair?.
Loll. Do people actually ask this one?!. Thats some nerve. I have never been asked this one but i read this from somewhere. If I were the one who had been asked that question i would have just said yes. I dont have money. How else would you answer such à question without being rude?.
6. Are u part of some religious group that doesnt accept people to relax hair?
Lol..(Iteso laughter while clapping my hands). This ehn.. i dont even know. I have never been asked this. I read about it somewhere. But i cant wait to be asked. Loll. Like i said, i just dont know!!.  Lets get to number 7.
7. Will your hair stay natural forever?
I was asked this question sometime. To the best of my knowledge now, i say yes. It will. Why would i labour to have it natural only to relax it later. I would rather just relax it now and then have it natural later.
So these are some of the questions people with natural hair get. I should be signing out now. Enjoy the read and drop a comment. Also check out the blog on bloglovin and dont hesitate to follow. You will be getting updates in your email whenever I post something on the blog.
Have à Nice day.


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