I just want to say THANKYOU.

Hello my readers.. I had planned to write about something totally different but decided to do a brief Thank you on the first paragraph and then i realised i couldnt be thankful to all the people i want to be thankful to in just à paragraph. Earlier i was thinking about how challenging blogging is. Especially when its just the beginning, how challenging it is to have readers (who are not only your friends and family), Let alone have followers, how challenging it is to incoporate blogging into your life in a good balance with other stuff in life especially If you are the busy type but hey, almost all the bloggers i have read about started that way. So i decided i would just say thank you to you my readers instead of just doing it in a paragraph. I dont take it for granted that you guys read my posts. So here i am with à whole blog post on it.
First of all thanks to all the readers for keeping this blog moving by reading what i post. I dont take it for granted.
Thanks alot to those who take an extra step to comment(Hope, Isaac, Sammy, Kunsa, Gordons, Zoe my girl). You keep my blog alive. Please keep those comments coming.
Thanks to those who have tried hard to comment but just failed because of the commenting hustle or something else but still read and give me feedback via texts or whatsapp. Thanks loves (Fionah, Blaise my darling and Ayo). You keep me going too. How i wish you guys could just get to commenting on the blog already. And, Fionah darling, update your blog. Am waiting for a post.
Thanks to Isaac.. my number one person, my best of best friends, my Dhahabu, perfect gift, true friend… for all the moral support. Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for making sûre i dont give up. Thanks for the unwavering support especially during the wordpress days. Loll. Thanks for spending your data trying to fix stuff. Haha. ( Remember those moments).Thanks for remaining confident in me even when i wanted to give up. Thanks for reminding me to post when i take long without posting, thanks for the nice comments you make both on the blog and personally. I dont take it for granted. You are indeed my number one person.
Thanks to all the people that accepted my invite to like my Facebook page. (Atim’s thoughts). You had à choice not to but you did. Thanks to the people who like the posts and comment on them when i put them there. I am humbled.
Thanks Ayo.. my main buddy. Jeez your comments make me feel like i can write about anything. You really need to start commenting on the blog tho n stop all the message comments instead. Your comments are worth killing for. Loll. Thank you for the support and encouragement.
Thanks to those who also choose to just read and not comment, thanks for reading and please keep reading.
And above all, Thanks to God Almighty. Everything that happens in our lives was planned By God even before He made us. He knew i would start this blog someday and He Let me do it. I am so thankful for that. He has kept me moving. He has used you guys, my readers to keep me moving. Without this unexplainable strength and grace from Him, i know i would have given up along time ago. I am also thankful for the success i know he will give my blog because He has plans to prosper me. It will be à testimony. Amen. You can follow me on bloglovin and also like my Facebook page Atim’s thoughts. Thanks.
Its 1:13am right now in Uganda. A girl needs to retire to bed Since she has à 7:30 lecture tommorrow.
Goodnyt guys. Till tommorrow.

PHOTO CREDIT: http://www.picturequotes.com


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