When the results Come!

Goodmorning readers. Hope everyone is having a great morning. Mine is.
Finally i get to write about results. I have so been longing to find a good reason to write about them. So what was the source of my inspiration? cell. Cell is one of the fellowships we have at Watoto church. We usually have it in small groups with people in the same community as us. For the record, i attend the best cell ever. Feel free to attend every wednesday at 8:00pm. Come release stress, experience fun, laughter and Jesus.
Anyway towards the end of cell we were submitting our prayer requests and one of my cell members who happens to be a 4th year in Law school tells us to pray that their Civil Proceedure results come out good. His prayer request reminded me that my Administrative Law results were once upon a time, subject to serious prayer. And then i stopped. I hope i can still get a miracle even when results will be released anytime soon. Anyway about this Adminstrative paper ehn.. i dont know. Funny thing is i always have this fear after i do the Admin papers. Had the same fear in first year but i ended up pasing It. I pray its the same story for this one too. This is not a pity party or something i just want us to know that whether they are good or bad, whether we have passed or failed, we cant turn back the hands of time. The clock keeps ticking. The best we can do is work harder next time so as to make our marks better. Many times we put in our extra best. Operative word: “Extra” but things just dont turn out exactly as we expected them to. (This happens alot in Law school). But well…. When that happens, We should just get up, shake off the dust and move with our heads held high determined to make things better. After all we put our best to it. So worry not. The last time i checked, worry never solved any problem or challenge. Wait patiently for Law Faculty to be in the mood to put our results up. Apparently they are not yet in the mood.( other faculties saw their results last week). When the results are finally up, If you have passed, Thank the Lord. If you havent passed to your expectations, count your blessings and i am sure when you are done counting, you will be able to be Thankful too.
Signing off now. I have Equity notes to make. Have a blessed day.
Ps:.. That is my girl Mimi on the pic. See how dramatic she can be!.


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