God doesnt have a rack of clothes in heaven!

Hi there. This post is so long overdue. I started typing it on Thursday and just kind of stopped. Today i decided it would be up by all means….For starters, happy birthday to doro Kunsa. Enjoy your day like you know to do and may you live to have Many more birthdays(his BD is today)…. Long title right? I know. Its just that i want you to get it as it is.  By the way on Thursday i had me some bit of blog heaven. You know that moment when someone who has been trying to comment on your posts finally comments, i was in that moment on thursday and It was like blog christmas! My mainest GIG was finally able to comment. She blogs at kfifi2015.wordpress.com.. Check out her stuff. I promise it will be worth your time.

On Thursday i  was having a conversation with Fionah and and she told me someone told her to stop attending Watoto Church because members of Watoto church dress inappropriately  for Church. Then as we were talking about it she said “i wonder If people think God has a rack of clothes in heaven where he ticks whenever we wear the right type of clothes”. So my active imagination started imagining a scenario where God has these two racks in heaven and this book where He does the ticks and all. Now each of our names is on the book and also each day we go to church and then God keeps ticking whenever we wear clothes from the right or wrong rack to church… I also imagined this scenario where you have been a good christian and then die and go to heaven and God is sending you to Hell. When you ask him whats up He pulls out the book and then shows how many times you wore clothes from the wrong rack to Church. Now peoples, in my opinion, there is no rack anywhere. Salvation is not in the clothes we wear. Its about our relationship with God. We could wear the hugest clothes to church but dont practice the principles of christianity. And who says christianity cannot be fun or expressive? The goal of every church is to grow the Kingdom of God by leading more souls to Jesus i belive. We cannot do that If we are going to give them the impression that we are holier than them. I am not asking us to compromise our christianity or go about almost naked to church. I am simply saying that we should be accomodative. Church should be a place that will be comfortable for everyone to attend. Otherwise If we will be driving people out of church because of dresscode then we wont grow the Kingdom of God as much as we should. Someone told me of a certain time she visited a certain church and had wanted to join the church but she was “kindly” sent away by the usher before she could even settle in. Reason? She had jeans on. She said she would have left the church completely If one of the members who had been watching everything hadnt talked to her and convinced her to go back the next sunday. Its okay for a church to have such policies but i just think consideration should be given to visitors who dont know about the policies. Probably talk to them after the service or something. It creates a good impression of the church i believe. Anyway, i just believe God doesnt have a rack of clothes in heaven and salvation is not about the clothes, hair, or make-up we wear to church. So If you are the type that wears the traditional church appropriate clothes and covers her hair to church, its okay for you to do that and dont stop If you dont feel the need to. If you are the type who wears jeans and a T shirt to church, its also okay for you to do that. Aferall at the end of the day, If your relationship with God is excellent, you will both end up in the same place. 

All this is my opinion. 

Enjoy the read. Have a nice evening.




  1. I just wish some “elders” could read this and give us a break when it comes to the clothes worn but nwe thank you atim for that enlightenment and may God keep blessing you to do greater things


  2. Hehehe I have alot of respect fo all elders bt banange some of them are oba how but otherwise big ups to all them pipo whu say people whu wear clothes above the knee and jeans to church are going to hell Hehehe God is watching you judge others…..wama more blessings to you Atim


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