From the Boss….

The actions of today surely have consequences tommorrow. And i am here to make sure they do!. I watch you go on and on, oblivious to the simple fact that i am listening. I listen with enthusiasm and very keen attention. Especially to the boastful and pompous talk!. Oh how i love to get my grounds to strike from this! I hear you when you hail all praises for yourself. I see you when you step as hard as you can on the head of someone trying to rise up, just to make sure you are the only one standing, i hear all your conceited talk, i feel with disgust, all the self importance you accord to yourself especially when you do not deserve it. Oh how i especially detest watching all the social classes you place yourselfs in, associating with only those you feel worthy of your association. I watch you people, i listen to you carefully, finding out clues that i can use to bring you the best downfall, because when i hit, i like to hit hard!. I can’t just be listening to your senseless chatter all day long, only to give you just a little smack on your butt..No darlings, i do not operate that way. I hit hard. So hard that you will hang your head low in shame whenever you step out there, so hard that you will not be able to fit in even the social class you considered lowest back then, so hard that when fate smiles on you again, conceit and pride would be the last things on your personality traits list. Yes! I roll that way. I do not show mercy, why should i? Yet you simply talk and act recklessly ignoring the fact that today’s actions have consequences tommorrow. You have been told that alot right?. Some people say i am a b***h because of the way i strike. Actually all of you know me as a b***h. Well, thats your opinion. Undisputable ofcourse. I say i just hit people according to the way they deserve it! That doesnt make me a b***h now, does it? It simply makes me a fair person thing. I had to scratch that person thing because i do not think i am a person. A person cant be this heartless right? Anyway i will tell you who or what i am. Not how you know me, but how i know myself.
I am KARMA and i am a BOSS!.



  1. u know it has taken me a minute or 4 to comment bcoz I needed a minute 4 to wrap my mind around it!
    kudos its exactly what I think karma wd say plus yo diction is on point!
    Ps: remind me never to piss u off!


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