The thing with culture..

During one of my Jurispudence classes last week, we discussed a case where the parents of a bride got a Court order to stop the wedding of their daughter from holding, on grounds that the bride and groom belonged to the same clan therefore they were considered brother and sister according to culture and tradition of the Baganda. The judge, who was a Muganda definately ruled in favour of the parents. Before you think i have purposed to discuss Jurispudence for you, let me go straight to the gist. That day, my lecturer mentioned a few things that got me thinking. She said that had she been the judge, she would have ruled in favour of the bride and groom because her culture does not subscribe to the whole “clanmates being brother and sister” thing. Then she asked people from the Western part of Uganda how they would have ruled the case, If they were judges in that case since she heard that it is acceptable for them to even marry second cousins. There were lots of mixed responses as some said it was true and others said there was no such thing in their culture. It got me thinking about culture. Why would two people from the same tribe have different views about their culture?… I concluded that it was mainly because of how some of us perceive our cultures to be… Most times we look at the smaller picture which is our family and close relatives and conclude what they consider culture to be culture ignoring the fact that there is the broader part to the whole thing. I am in that category. Whatever i see my family and close relatives do that pertains to culture is what i perceived to be the Iteso culture. Which is wrong you know because the Iteso are not just my family alone but a whole lot of other people.. So I got thinking and decided to do a deep background research about the Iteso culture and origin. The research is still in the works and when i am done (which is soon) i will be delivering a 5 or 6 post series about what i will have found  out about the Iteso. I feel excited to do this. Hope you will be excited to read about it and learn something about a culture that is not yours.. Atim


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