Just Valentines

Yesterday my blog buddy Fionah asked me whether she just wasnt getting notifications from my blog anymore or whether it was accumulating cobwebs. Ofcourse it was accumulating alot of cobwebs and that realisation struck hard considering I am always telling her how her blog has cobwebs and all. I wont even go into why I havnt blogged in a while as it would just bore you. Anyway as i was making my to do list before i slept last night, blogging was the first on the list and i wrote it thrice for emphasis!!. So here i am ready to tick one item off my list…
I hope everyone had a lovely valentines. Mine was awesome! Now i know everyone has something to say about valentines. Its either about reasons why they believe in it and celebrate it or reasons why they don’t. My dad really amused me when my mum asked me to ask him what she would buy him for valentines and he told me to tell her that valentines doesnt have any biblical doctrines to it so she should just buy him the gift for any other day. What else could a girl do except laugh at her mum. Anyway for me, valentines is just valentines. Whatever i do for valentines is something i can do any other day but I dont not to do anything nice the whole year and wait to do it on that day, and neither do i not do anything nice on that day because i dont understand how it came about or what exactly it means.(odd sentence construction but just try to understand it). Its just valentines to me. Have fun, buy presents, do sweet stuff not because it i want to celebrate the whole heroic stunts of the late Valentine… I dont even need to know what he did to have fun that day. I dont really care much its just Valentines anyway. I am not buying a gift because Valentine was a hero, or because its something i should believe in. I just have the fun the day brings and when its all said and done, it remains just valentines to me till next year
PS:.. I would never wear red and black though. Catch me stealing!
Nice day.



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