On Bad Hair days…

I did not really want to write this post but well… I will just write it after all. I Couldnt stop thinking about writing it ever since i decided not to write about it… So…
I had one of those bad hair days… Or more like i had my first ever bad hair day.

Photo credit:.. debralynndadd.com

What happened?. Well, i undid my hair about two weeks ago and its still unplaited. So If you have read my post “I chose natural and am proud” under the natural and proud category, you will know that i have never had my hair open for even a week. So the whole hair out thing is new to me. Now hair out, especially natural hair out, means being creative with it to make it look beautiful. I aced in that area for the first week because someone helped me put Bantu knot outs and they just looked lovely!.

First ever Bantu Knots. Not done by me Ofcourse!

Come week two and a classmate promised to put for me something related to baby dreads. Now, long story short, my hair texture just couldnt handle the whole baby dreads thing. It just Couldnt come. The process getting there wasnt an easy one for both me and the person doing it for me. It involved alot of extremely hot  water which this guy had to dip a towel into and then squeeze the water out with his bare hands and then rub it around my hair that had omo in it. About an hour later, the baby dreads sort of came out but my hair texture just Couldnt let them be unless i put some Beeswax on them. So out i went on my hunt for Beeswax and i Couldnt find any. I mean the whole Bugujju dint have any Beeswax(not like am suprised or anything). Then after about 30 to 40 minutes of searching, my hair dried and then the bad hair day/night began…. I had this intense pain on my scalp and the tip of my ears and then my neck. I decided to just wash off whatever was on my hair and just do something else to it. It was about 8:00pm and i had a fellowship to host in my room. So i employed my girl sammy to wash it off. The pain i felt, as sammy would say…. “Was for winners”. I felt like athousand red ants (read nsanafu) had been realesed on my head. Washing it off was like inticing the red ants to riot on my head. Anyway i washed it up and decided to do Bantu knot outs again. Which i had never done on my own. So i Just described to sammy what to do…

Atim/Sammy made Bantu Knots. Good for a first attempt!

End result was, i ended up with a Kind of burnt ear and i also ended up not attending my 7:30 lecture because what i had done to my hair wouldnt be totally complete until about 3:00pm the next day..

And my girl sammy...

That was my first bad hair day. Till then…

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  1. U kno there is an answer to all yo natural hair woes…its called dreadlocks honey!
    put a lock & rock it like u invented the style
    and 4 the record yo Bantu knots looked way better than the ones u took a trip or two to have done
    Beauty lies in the art of maintenance… and u are doing a gd job!
    proud of the natural….


  2. Lol we shd open up a Bantu knot saloon hihihi n those baby oba wt things Anhaa I missed to c them(read very sad face with a grin hihih)


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