This cant be happening!.. Are we really going back to that place? That dark place filled with nothing but pain, hurt, betrayal, hatred, sympathy, confusion? I thought we were so done with this whole thing. How did it creep back into our lives? We had this time of Joy, happiness, laughter and smiles. And this just came back into our lives. Just like that!. I dint see it coming. Not at all. I asked for a miracle. I thought it would last. But just that day i thought i had got my miracle, the hurt came back openly laughing at me. Laughing with scorn at my naivety At the fact that i believed that that miracle i thought i had got was nothing but emptiness.. And emptiness did it bring! Loss, blame, disappointment, betrayal, hurt, pain Yes!. It came with all that. Why? I dont know. It just happened!. We dint ask for it. But anyway people never ask for misfortune right? How i wish it just knew when to strike!. Hasnt it had enough of us? How can all this just be happening to the same people? We have had enough of moving in these Circles. I crave for the day we will be able to smile again completely. The day we will finally say once and for all “this is our miracle” The day our smiles wont have to fade away after a short while. The day when all this will not only be something temporary. The day our Joy, happiness and harmony will not be just but an illusion. The day we will not have to move in Circles anymore! Yes, i crave for that day. Atim. Posted from WordPress for Android



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