Take a Thankful pill. Part 2.

This post is way overdue. (Prolong the “way”). I was supposed to have it up like a few days after i started blogging in January but just dint get to complete writing it because…Uhh…uuh…lets just say i wasnt in the mood. Anyway lets just go straight to the gist..
For of this post, i am not going to “preach” about being thankful but i am going to be thankful for particular things in my life.. Initially i was supposed to be thankful for stuff in 2014 but since 2014 ended like long ago, i will just be thankful for stuff in general. And because i love pictures, this post will be overloaded with them.
1. Family.

Photo credit: http://www.google.com

I am so thankful for the family i belong to. Strongly bound with cords of love that cannot be broken. We have had our share of rough moments, but what matters is we love eachother and remember that the good book tells us, love is the greatest!. So our love for eachother always conquers all our rough moments.
2. Friends.
I am Oh so thankful for my friends. Jeez where do i start from when talking about my friends? I have amazing friends. Extremely beautiful ladies both within and without.(literally). All of them in their unique way have contributed positively to my life. I would not be as happy as i am today without them. I wouldnt say i have thanked them without mentioning something about a few of them.


The black beauty, my darlington, sister, ex roomate, blogbuddy, pp Amazing girl. Thanks for the listening ear, the selfless heart..

With the pretty big eyes

With the pretty big eyes, sister from another mister, roomate, ultimate shopping partner,sweet shuga.. thanks for keeping your wadrobe open always(unlike mimiwar), for the listening ear as well


The pretty princess, sister from another country, my dose of laughter, my omalicha, thanks for making me laugh and smile whenever i am with you.( dont know If u have noticed that).

Fionah with the smile

With the smile and “phrases”, The GIG, darlington, pp, blogbuddy thanks so much for the spiritual growth, the discussions, every moment with you, i learn something new.

Malvine Lein

the gifted artist with the smile, and the hair, sister sister, the one with all the funny things to say, go getter, ultimate shopping partner too. Thanks for the much much love.

Little sister

the pretty little girl, with the beautiful smile, baby sister, sweet friend, Amazing girl, thank you for being just who you are to me, for understanding, for the love,

with the pretty smile, pretty eyes, the hair, my main go to girl, amazing friend, great listener. Thank you for always always sticking with me.

Told you she has a Medal...

The chase champion(a real one. With a Medal to show for it). Lovely darling. As humorous as Mimiwar, used to be my dose of laughter when we were together, thank you for always making me laugh, thank you for always keeping in touch.

Zoe girl

With the lovely smile, and the hair!!, Amazing friend, ex roomie, number one blog supporter, darlington, thank you for keeping in touch. Thank you for being the type of friend who stays a friend even when out of sight!.
Thanks to all my other friends whose names i havent mentioned. We still remain friends and thank you for being part of my life too.
3. Law school.

Photo credit.. http://www.keepcalmandpost

I am so thankful that i am in law school. Its one thing to be here and its one thing to want to be here. I am thankful that i am in law school because i want to be here. Some people are in law school because they were told/forced to be here and you know how stuff dont come so easily when you dont want to do something. I am thankful my decision was out of my volition.
4. Fellowship/Cell. I am so thankful to be part of the best fellowship/cell group i have attended so far. The blessings and benefits i have got because of cell are exceedinly beyond and above what i would ever ask for. I am thankful for the informal nature of my fellowship/cell. It brings out the fun side of christianity.
5. 22.2.14.


I am so thankful for this day. On this day, i started a journey in my life. One very long journey of happiness, laughter, smiles, favour, Joy.. One year down the road and i have only just made the first step on this journey, i hope to make a thousand more and many many more after the a thousand. Thank you Isaac for walking this journey with me and making it worth the walk!.
6. Favour!. I am so thankful for favour. I live a life of favour! On Tuesday my friend Hope was telling me about favour and she said(in my interpretation. Forgotten how exactly she put it) that favour isnt something that comes from a far. We experience favour everyday as christians even when we dont know it. She then told me that she was listening to Joel osteen someday and he said that even the fact that a mean person isnt mean to us is not just a coincedence but it is favour!. So i am thankful for this underserved favour i have.
7. My blog.

Photo credit.. damniwish.com

I am so thankful for this baby of mine. My blog!. Started blogging on 7th January 2015 and i have never looked back!. Thank you everyone who has always spared time to read it and comment. Thanks so much. You are part of the reasons i still blog.
Should be Signing off now.
Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day.

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  1. wow..i am blessed to be among the thankful things in your life. i am so happy that i am number one lol.. i am equally thankful for you Darlington, pp,sister. God bless.


  2. Yo right I hv been awaiting this thankful pill shibang 4 quite a few months
    not that I knew I was going to be in it but bcoz I knew its a conversation 4 which I deserved a 2nd phase..
    thank u 4 acknowledging me..that sounds way too formal
    but its super heartfelt
    Meanwhile becoz I make tht list …& that I know some of them people on this list I have to say u hv pretty good taste in people… if theaz such a thing!
    Am off 2 take my thankful pill now!!


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