Those little things, for the least of these..

What IJM is about... Photo credit:

I am a member of the Uganda Christian University Chapter of an organisation called International Justice Mission (IJM). IJM is a Christian founded  international organisation that focusses on Rescuing thousands, protecting millions and prooving that justice for the poor is possible. All this we achieve and hope to keep achieving through Answering God’s call for justice. Alot of the stuff we do as campus chapters are voluntary stuff, out of the desire to see justice reach those who cannot reach it.  Every chapter has something they do to let justice reach people out there. This semester, the UCU Chapter’s theme is “The Least of These”. We are foccussing on reaching out to the disabled. It is very easy to be oblivious to the fact that these people struggle as they live in the same society as us. Most times, once we realise they fit in perfectly in our society, like they study the same stuff we do, get the same grades or even better than us, do the same activities we do, it is usually tempting for us to ignore the fact that they go through things we dont. Or that they really need more attention than we do.
During my O Level studies at Iganga Girls’ Secondary School, we studied with a few visually impaired girls and boys.(yes…boys, actually mostly boys) and these people, save for a few, never showed a sign of Visual impairement. They always knew where they were going, walked very fast, dint stumble on anything, were always the best performers in the national exams,etc. Now with such people around us, it is tempting to ignore the fact that they could need our help some time,  that some day they may stumble, that someday we may need to be their eyes.
So this justice week, we are foccusing on helping the disabled in anyway possible. Especially with just “the little things”… Being the eyes to the blind in anyway we can, being the legs to the crippled when we can, being the ears to the deaf whenever we can, listening to the stories of their lives when they want to tell, praying for them always, tell people about the disabled and request them to help the disabled around them in anyway they can… Just those little things. Its always those really little things that are often ignored that matter to most people. It is going to be a week filled with lots of interesting activities geared towards learning how to extend justice to those who need it and doing those little things to the least of these around us..

Just the least of these.. photo credit:

Those in UCU, please feel free to join us this week as we embark on this. Those who are not in UCU can also participate by praying for the disabled out there or in any way you can to reach out to the disabled people around you even when they seem not to need any help. Thank you.
Should be signing off now. Have a goodnight.

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  1. Its a really great cause
    The least among us always need to be shown some love..
    Good job of actually expounding on what its all about
    you guys @ IJM do an amazing job


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