Women; without them man, is nothing

Happy Womens’ day all the ladies who read this blog. Let this day be yet another day that you are reminded of your what you are worth and how much more you can give to the people around you with your abilities. Happy Womens day. I enjoyed reading this post. Hope you do too…… Cheers..


You don’t need a day in a year to be specially recognized as a woman. Even worse you don’t need a boyfriend or Husband to Fill complete as a Woman. I am shocked when one person is Identified by the person that she is dating. Mbu “hey I am Trevor’s Girlfriend geeeezzz.”

The female sex is by far the world’s most complicated creation. For real if you think man going to the moon was Hard. Try asking yourself why “she isn’t talking to you?”. Even with there complexity somehow the world couldn’t survive a without them. Actually, if the world only had men. It would have collapsed. Who began slavery? Who dropped a stupid Nuclear bomb on the Japanese?who discovered a Gun? who convinced people that Jews were evil? Who betrayed Jesus? Who hasn’t left power for over 30years.? See that’s all men. All world problems begin with men and…

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