Unequal Equalities…

This post is coming up on Monday though it was written on Saturday afternoon… Enjoy….

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My blog has gathered more than a week’s cobwebs since i last posted last week on Friday. Anyway I have reasons for that which will be summarised as… I had one my busiest weeks yet this semester. But a girl can get some blog time right (blogging enroute to Tororo). Will be spending my women’s day visiting my baby sister at boarding school.
Okay.. the gist…
This morning, thanks to the candy crush management that chose to count my lives for 29 minutes two consecutive times!, I ended up with some “idle time” before my jurisprudence class (I was that tired of reading for that Equity test). Fortunately, a friend of mine who, apparently, was also tired of reading Equity joined me in my “idle time” and we started having a conversation about whether lawyers are actually bright people or they just think they are… the conversation somehow drifted to equality and inequality with regards intelligence. He told me about his “very christian”(exactly his words) friend who insists that human beings are not equal and were not created equal. He gave biblical back up for it like the story about the talents and many other stories…. and my friend just couldnt understand how we are not equal yet we are all created in God’s image.
He then asked me what my take on that was…. And that’s when I realised that i have never really given that much thought. I briefly thought about it and told him the first thing that came to my mind. Which is, I don’t think we are equal and neither are we unequal but we are just different. Why do I think so?… We are not equal because obviously, we live in societies which clearly spell out the inequality among us. First of all, the meaning of equality is, being of the same value. In society, human beings are not of the same value. It’s very evident. That is why some people queu in hospitals even in very critical conditions yet others simply walk in and get treated first for something as simple as cough.(let me leave the societal inequality aside and get back to the intelligence bit). Thats why some people read Doctrines of Equity just once and they get it, while some read it for a whole week to get it. I dont call it inequalilty. I call it differennce because that person who reads Doctrines of Equity for a week, could be really good at poetry, or fine art, and the other, who reads it for a day, cannot even draw a stick boy.

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Since our conversation was mainly about ineqaulity relating to itelligence, i will just focuss on that. I still believe we are neither eqaul nor unequal, but just different. We are not all good at the same stuff but neither is anyone not good at anything at all.
I will give an example of someone i know personally. This guy, isnt a classroom guy. He has struggled through school only going to the next class by the Grace of God. However, he is extremely good at playing the guitar, piano, he is a good songwriter, one of those people you can call a computer geek, very awesome and professionnal with the camera.. Now, i cant say that guy is incapacitated intelligence-wise just because he did not graduate, he is simply different. Where his classmates graduated with first class degrees, he is producing amazing documentaries and video coverage work, one would think he went to film school. So i believe that we all exhibit God’s image in its various beautiful ways, some people exhibit it through academics, others in sports, performing arts, fine art etc…. In my opinion, it doesnt make us equal nor unequal, it just shows that in our differencrs, we all have something unique to us, that someone cannot do as good as we do it. About five years ago i read an interview of one of those top models. When she was asked how she does so well in what she does, her response was interesting and it made alot of sense. She said that whenever she is modelling she does it to show off because she knows that not so many people can do it as well as she does and she also cannot do much as well as she does modelling. So since she has her strengths in modelling she could aswell show them off. Interesting yeah??..

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So…. Live your life knowing you have something unique to you, that someone else doesnt. Dont be afraid to explore it and shine!..

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