Alittle bit of kindness…

I personally think unkindness is stressing. You know it comes along with bitterness, quarelling and all that. Alittle bit of kindness is not too much to ask for or too hard to achieve. What am i driving at?


This morning i went somewhere (wont mention the name because i dint have a good experience there) to drop an internship letter and everyone, from the security guys at the gate, to the counsel and other people i kept meeting along the way and asked for directions were so kind. I was in love with the environment already until i reached the office i was refferred to. The lady was simply rude! I mean really rude! I get in and find her speaking to someone. She looks at me and ignores me and then the other person working with her calls me and asks me what i want.. i explain to her that i want to see so and so and then she points at the lady who had ignored me earlier. So since she was still talking to the person i found her talking to, i decided to wait. And then when she got done, i explained to her why i was there and she shocks me by saying i ignored her as i came in and now i need her help!.Really!!.. so i politely told her that she was speaking to someone so i Couldnt just interrupt her and she really insists that i deliberately ignored her. I Wasnt about to say sorry for somthing as riduculous as that. I simply gave her a straight face and then when she realised i Wasnt going to say anything to her, she asks for my letters which i give her and she reads through my recommendation letter from the Faculty which is dated 27th Feb and she starts telling me how unserious i am to be submitting my letter now, and this and that. Meanwhile, she Wasnt even the one supposed to receive the letter. After a lecture about my “unseriousness”, she takes me to the office am supposed to drop the letter to, and begins by telling the lady there about my “unseriousness” and then after about two minutes of the “unseriousness” talk, they drift into gossip as i stand there. After the gossip session, she asks for my letter while telling me that MUK(Makerere University) students already took their letters, why am i this unserious to be bringing mine now… For chrissake, i do not attend MUK.. the letter clearly stated the university i go to…
Anyway, long story short, she took the letter anyway and said she would get back to me. Now, i wonder what the point in being rude was, seriously. She was going to do her job anyway and receive my letter anyway, nomatter how much she said and it wasnt even in her place to decide whether i do intern from there or not. Alittle bit of kindness dint kill anyone. It only gives people a good impression about us..
Till then

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