Coloured water at MUK

This morning, i felt the impact of “the famous around kampala” teargas. It was alittle minor and lasted for about 5 minutes but the impact it had on me was appalling. I was at MUK(Makerere University)  trying to handle issues to do with my internship. So i was supposed to get in through the maingate, only to reach there and find a mob of angry rioting students. Obviously i couldnt pass through there. So the person i was supposed to meet told me to got through another gate(western gate). The situation was calm over there and i was picked by someone to be taken to the actual person i was supposed to meet… Our walk was a good one.. chatting n all…. And then all of a sudden, i get difficulty in breathing and then tears uncontrollably flow from my eyes. I am still trying to comprehend what is going on and then the person i was moving with told me its teargas.. So i got alarmed thinking the rioting students were coming towards us and then she told me they were about 10minutes away from us..
Okay… Ten minutes away!?. And the teargas was having this impact on me!. I Couldnt help but imagine what those who were being sprayed on directly where feeling. Its no wonder some people get serious health conditions during those strikes. It was my first teargas experience and i know i dont want to go through it again. My eyes really hurt for about an hour or so.

Teargas outside MUK

I can only hope the strike at MUK comes to an end soon. And i pray and hope their tuition issues are handled.
Till then..

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