I know i want to be a Lawyer…

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Law school is an interesting place to be in Not only because its actually fun to study the law(For real) but also because its a place where we find people with all sorts of reasons for their being there. Right from those who are there because they want to be, to those who are there because they were told to be there, and those who are their simply to make memories and leave. I believe i fall on the first category. I am not the type to stick to something i dont want to do. And, i ended up in law school out of my own volition. But you know not everyday can be a good day. There are times when school gets so tough especially when you put in alot of effort and still feel like you havent done enough. Or the results of your hardwork just arent great enough, Or when a lecturer tells you about some of the “lows” of litigation and you feel like you shouldnot be there. Or litigation is the last thing you should be doing. Well… I have had those moments of uncertainity once in a while. Though i always knew i will practice law. Now this just got clearer to me on Friday when i took my intern letters to the High Court, i realised i REALLY want to be a lawyer. When i reached this place, i couldnt help staring at different groups of lawyers probably trying to figure out how to go about their next case, i deliberately slowed my pace just so I could eavesdrop on what was going on in the various courtrooms. Just hearing those lawyers speak in Court and watch them go about their business was amazing. I was filled with admiration.
The thought that this type of life would be mine soon was almost unbelievable. I was awestruck. I pictured myself like that just in a few years time, the busy-ness,  the cool suits, the clients, the courtrooms, you name it, i cant wait to have it!. I realised that is the type of life i want to live. Nomatter how hard it is to get there, i just know i want to be there and I also know and believe i will get there..
PS:.. As I was leaving, one of the people around called a guy who was walking behind me “counsel” and believe me when i say i turned, thinking i was being called. Loll. Talk about claiming the counsel title before i earn it!.

Feeling the counsel vibe!. No black and White though!

Till then..

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  1. Personally I also came to law school out of my own volation but where av reached now, I truthfully don’t know what the future holds, I don’t know if I made the right choice… U see, i had two things I wanted to pursue after finishing high school, that is being a successful writer mostly then doing law. Before u filled in my University forms, I thought and thought about what to prioritise of the two dreams and I finally came to a conclusion that I can do both at the same time, shoot both birds with one stone and u did just that should I say am still doing just that? I cant say because I feel like I lack motivation and inspiration for both, I feel like I failed myself already… But seeing people like u who still have the drive and power for what u wanted to do is great, at least it gives some of us hope to try Harder and try to get the love and drive we had in the beginning.

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    • I understand what you are saying. I also have those moments of doubt. Wondering whether I picked the wrong course or something… But I’ve learned to focus on whatever I do so that at the end of the day, there are no regrets or what ifs… Focus on all your dreams, pray about it, listen to your heart, and take each day as it comes.

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  2. Ameeenn..y’all will leave to see your dreams come true and some years later, you’ll back and laugh. Also atleast i get to live my ex*dream through you guys. I say ex because once upon a time i thought or i knew i wanted to be a lawyer but God thought otherwise. I look back and laugh…i think all those times i prayed to get in to law school God must have had hicups from intense laughter. He must have thought “that’s such a joke girl. Wait, you’ll see. Even you will laugh at this in the years to come” haha. Anyway bottom line is, if it works out, its Gods plan..if it doesn’t, then it isn’t His plan. Ours is to find peace in that and live life to the fullest, with no regrets whatsoever. After all, ALL things work together for our good…the bad, good and Ugly, all of it! And in ALL these things we are more than conquerers, not just conquerers but MORE THAN THAT!


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