The Anthem..(when the Iteso..).

Part 5 on the series about the Iteso. All the information here is got from either Google or personal inquiries with people well vast with the Iteso Culture. The information here is ofcourse disputable. Feel free to make additions or subtractions after you read.
Enjoy the read!

Today… I decided to peruse through Facebook and then I landed on a page called Teso Learning Course. I decided to look through it and I found the Iteso Anthem!.. Ofcourse my first reaction was… “Wait… We have an anthem?!” I least expected it. I read through it and with the much or little (depending on how you see it) Ateso that I know, I understood it and liked it. It feels like a prayer for protection and blessings. I will surely get an audio of it very soon!.¬† So here I present to you.. the Iteso Anthem….

Wu okwe lokasuban, Edeke papa idar Iteso
Kojai aipuc ka ainapakin neji Iteso
Papa itigogong Emorimor papa Iteso
Kotunaikite iso ateker naka Iteso

Emuria kolia kolia
Emuria kolia
Kojai aipuc kainapakin neji Iteso

Onida Iteso ira ateker nebanot
Kanonokisi loka buses Emorimor
Papa Emorimor idar kere ijo Iteso
Koinono lo Ejok lo esayi ateker kon

Emuria kolia kolia
Emuria kolia
Kojai aipuc kainapakin neji Iteso

So… This is my last post. Writing about the Iteso has been alot of fun and a great learning experience for me. And truth be told, I am more in love with my tribe and Culture than I was. I feel more attached to it and can’t wait to keep learning about it and have a personal experience of it..

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