Book review: The Litigators

It has been ages since i read a book and i had almost forgotten how refreshing it is!. However, recently, owing to the fact that i have serious exams fast approaching and my attention is fully geared towards that, and fatigue setting in here and there, i decided to grab a book ( The Litigators by John Grisham, my best author) and “erode” this fatigue. I loved the book. Read it for about a week(i have lost my mojo with the whole reading books thing) and finsihed It yesterday, and because my mind is on my books, i dont particularly have alot of writing inspiration around me. So i have decided to do my first ever book review. And certainly not the last because i intend to get back into my reading habit.


The Litigators is a thrilling, intriguing and very fast paced novel about two street lawyers, Oscar Finley and Wally Figg, seriously hustling to maintain what they love to call a “botique law firm”, (which is far from that… In a bad way). They use all means possible, including unethical and inappropriate ways to get clients and get money out of them. All they can “squeeze” out of these clients is chicken change. However, they get a huge glimmer of hope when they take on a mass tort case concerning a cholestral drug that was alledgedly causing heart attacks, at just about the same time they are “joined” by a Harvard graduate, David Zinc who had just “run away” (literally) from his 5 year old high end coporate Job in one of the best law firms that only exposed him to bonds, paperwork, stress and good cash but never to a courtroom.
The novel carefully brings out the ups and lows of street law in a somewhat humorous and intriguing way as the three “litigation inexperienced” lawyers battle out the world’s third biggest drug company being represented by the very best In the litigation field, Nadine Kaross.
Could this glimmer of hope be a sure end to their money issues and a step up for their “botique firm” or simply a good roll in the mud for them? Find out when you read this amazing book!
I recommend this book for all readers especially those with an interest in legal books. It will keep you turning those pages.

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  1. Your really going to owe me for not telling me this is a spoiller alert…I want to read the book but now your review has told me about it..
    All complaining aside,your actually a great book reviewer…career option number 2..okay?
    God knows how long its been since I read a non-law book so believe me when I say Iam proud of you for finishing it
    Where is it?


    • Thank you so much Fionah…. Now i dint spoil it for u… There more to the book than what i have written…. And FYI(if pple still use that. Haha) i so have it and will give it to you tommorrow. You will love it!.


  2. Wow.. I am in the mood to read it already. I am here waiting for the book in room 19. Thanks. Tell Phiona I booked it first!!
    Mercy, you should also try writing movie scripts…you are really good at this!


    • Hahaha. U gal i just replied Fionahs comment before i read urz telling her that i will give her the book tommorrow. Hahah. Okay. I will carry it n u two see who takes it first. And thanks so much darlington for the compliment. And i will seriously consider movie previews as well.


    • Hahah…sorry Komusana. I promise i will give you., if u dont hve litigators by the end of the day tommorrow, come carry my whole wadrobe.


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