Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped.

I spent my afternoon at Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped. I was part of the team from International Justice Mission that went for an outreach at the school. It was a humbling experience. There are no words to describe the amount of hope and joy these children have. They are the happiest, most active, most confident children i have met!. I was personally nervous on our way there since i expected to meet a bunch of disgruntled disabled kids, probably sad and shy and insecure. I was caught off guard when as soon as we got into the gate, a little boy ran to us and gave one of our members a huge hug like they were long time buddies and he kept jumping excitedly and leading us to the teachers. We had a great time speaking to these amazing children. My best experience was the one on one session with the kids… I made friends, i laughed alot, i learnt from them too..
Enjoy a few pictures from today. They are abit sloppy… But just enjoy them.



Getting seated at the mainhall before we spoke to them.


Afrah took me to see her class.

Meet Afra.. i Spoke to her first during the one on one session. I told her she is beautiful and has a lovely smile and she told me she knows that already because she is created in God’s image!. Wow!. I just laughed.

Afra and her friend justine.



Meet Kelly.. my personal favourite!. He is a new pupil at the school. He told me he is Ugandan, Somalian, Ethiopian, American… Loll. He has a real American accent though. And he is so confident and so talkative and hilarious.

Kelly and his friend.


And a few of us stole a quick pic with Kelly and his friends.



And thats Angel. I dint have a one on one with her but Afra told her about me and when the one on one session was done, she called me and told me she wants me to pray for her to get a first grade. She then took me to see her class and her friends, and i ended up making more new friends.


Sharon and Angel

Sharon (in Red) is the headgirl of the school and Angel introduced her to me. She is a very intelligent young lady and she told me she “is going to be a lawyer”. Operative word: is. Her confidence in herself was inspiring.


Wears a smile always.

I dint get his name. But he is a happy person. I noticed him just as they were getting into the mainhall. He just kept smiling. And his smile is contagious. The more he smiled, the more i smiled too and one of the people we moved with noticed him too and she also kept smiling because this guy just smiled the whole time. I made sure i had a one on one with him.



Some of the members of International Justice Mission handing over sugar to the Director of the school. This lady is an inspiration.

Moral from today(from the Director):… Always be thankful. Dont complain. Especially if as a child, you dint go through what these children are going through. If they can go through this and be thankful, we should too.

Never take anything for granted. The fact that we can walk, talk, see and do all other stuff should not seem obvious.

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