Book Review: The Summons.

Another book review!. Another John Grisham!. I have realised the only legal novels i have read are those by John Grisham. So that is why i call him “the king” of legal thrillers. He surely writes a good legal novel!. As i was reading this novel, i kept thinking about how i would come up with a review because every small detail seemed so important to be mentioned yet still, too much to mention. At the end of the day, all i could type about it was a paragraph. Enjoy yet another book review and look for the book. Ofcourse its better than what the book review says…


The summons is a very unpredictable, suspense filled book, that kept me wondering what would happen next, and then ends in the most unexpected way.
A drying Judge, Reuben Atlee, issues a summons to his sons, Ray Atlee and Forrest Atlee to go back home to discuss his estate.
The family meeting does not hold as Ray and Forrest arrive when the Judge is dead already, leaving a will and a very shocking secret in his study. Ray, arriving first, discovers the secret first but the events that follow clearly show Ray that someone else knew about the secret long before he did and now his life is in danger….
Who could this be?
Find out when you read this amazing thriller….

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