Happy Easter!


Yesterday i watched a documentary about the crucifixion mystery. One of US’s leading doctors was trying to find out what exactly killed Jesus. Yes we know He was crucified but this doctor wanted to find out what exactly happened inside his body that made him eventually die.
He uses detailed research, and practical medical examinations to do this, and as he unveils what he believes could have killed Jesus, i couldnot help but wonder how much pain He went through just to save us!. It was humbling. These are things i had never thought of. Never had i ever thought about how much pain Jesus endured due to the lashes, the thorns, carrying the cross. And all this, he did so that we would be saved! We really do owe Him our lives..
Someone Once said that she thanks God for being God because no one could give up what God gave up for us. After watching the documentary yesterday, i remembered to thank God for being God. For sacrificing His son for me.
This Easter season, let us not just celebrate with family and friends but lets also take time to reflect on how much God sacrifised for us and just be thankful for that.
Happy Easter everybody. Enjoy this season.
PS: Chris Tomlin’s “At the Cross” is the perfect song to listen to and reflect on this season.

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