Life in colour!.

I have had a hell of a week..(not in the literal meaning though). I am having my end of semester exams, i have done four papers in the past week. But when two of those are Equity and Trusts, and Jurispudence, it is actually equivalent to the feeling of doing a paper each day.. Anyway, one more to go and then i will officially be a third year Law student!. Yaay… Since i am abit “free” for about three days, alittle blogging wont hurt…

Source: Google Images

Last week… Uganda lost one of her best news anchors, Rosemary Nankabirwa, to cancer.

The late Rosemary Nankabirwa. May her soul Rest in Peace..... Source: Google images

It was a very sad moment,(for me) and many other people because watching her read news everyday for about three years made me feel like i knew her. So losing her was as painful as losing a person i know personally. And, just the day before, Ugandans had done a fundraising to help with her treatment, so when all hope was up, God chose to take her, because His ways are not ours and He is the author of life…
For about five days, NTV Uganda, the tv station she used to work with paid tribute to her by showing the viewers her life, both in and out of the news room, her memorial service, her funeral… Her friends also spoke about her and one thing they all said, was that “her life was full of colour”. Not just the literal meaning of “full of colour”. They said she always had a smile, always had something colourful about her, always had something nice to say to everyone, always had fun when she had to, always told people to “add colour” to their lives.

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When her videos clips and pictures were shown on NTV, it was evident she lived a life in colour. At the parties, she was always the girl with the make up, the girl with the lovely dresses, the girl with a constant smile, she was always on the dance floor. From the little i watched about her, i could tell she lived “life in colour”, she was a happy girl, and a God-fearing one too. And when she was gone, everyone who spoke about her had something sweet to say about how she lived her life to the fullest.. My favourite video clip among all they showed was one where she was at one of their work parties and was dancing like no one was watching her, amidst cheers from her workmates. She had all these facial expressions and all… Despite my sadness, i couldnt help smiling.

Now… What am i driving at, i guess we should all try to live life to the fullest. I mean “live life in colour”. When we eventually leave this earth, people will talk about us with a smile on their faces… I know with all the things going on around us, its easier said than done. But we wouldnt know unless as we tried.. Last year, my blogbuddy fionah, of, kept telling us that last year, her resolution was to life everyday happy nomatter the circumstances.. And she said  it worked for her.

Source: Google Images.

I believe we can all try that… laugh when we should, play when we should, be sweet as much as we can, live happy, count our blessings, smile, make people smile, dont let the troubles of life weigh us down, just like Rosemary always told one of her friends, “this world is a very dark place. Its up to you to add colour to it”…

Make it up to you to live your life in colour!!.. source: Google Images

From all the stuff said about her, that stood out for me. Let it be up to us to live a life in colour!..

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