Book Review: Recipe For Disaster.

Hello readers, this is a book i read when i was about 11 and had forgotten the story. All i could recall was that it was an interesting book. It was written by a Ugandan author called Lilian Tindyebwa.
Well, i got it this morning and decided to re read it.
9 hours later, i am here with a review…

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Recipe for disaster is a captivating, extremely educative story about a naive girl, Hellen Ntale, who is in love with the earthly pleasures. She is presented with all chances to escape from the cobweb of materialism that presents itself in the most disguised manner, however, as naive and materialistic as she is, she throws caution to the wind and succumbs to the “paradise” engulfing her..
Fast sports cars, fancy clothes and jewels, posh apartments, frequent trips oversees, Hellen has sealed her fate and is on a steady journey on the path to disaster.
This book tells its story in a very simple but detailed and educative manner, literally “commanding” one to keep turning the pages.
I recommend this book for all young people, especially those struggling with decision making.

Here are a few quotes i loved..

Hellen had been completely bewitched by the whirlwind of events. True to the saying that “that which is doomed, cannot hear the call of the hunter’s horn”.

Unfortunately, what took place in that romantic room that October night, wasnot a celebration of true love between two people. It was rather the celebration of a hunter who successfully traps a rare and much sought after species on one hand, and the celebration of the hunted who is allowed to enjoy the festivities first not knowing that at the end of it all, its going to be slaughtered.

She was just like a moth which is inadvertently attracted to the beauty of the flame and is dancing around it knowing that it is going to get burnt.

In her simple way, she believed that this was the best decision to take. Had she been well educated and qualified, perhaps she would have thought of continuing to develope her career until another man, the right man, came along. But alas! she had that great missing link in her life and couldnot extract herself from the state of deprivation from which she was forced to believe that her only means of survival lay in being attached to a rich man.

For some seconds, Hellen seemed not to register what Trevor had said. Its amazing what the human mind can do with things it doesnt want to hear.

When faced with death, you must fight back with all the strength left in you. You must not give death an easy victory.

As we are born, we start the struggle to survive with hope and courage. And this struggle, this hope, must last till we breath our last.

Thats recipe for disaster. Make sure you read it..

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