A walk down memory lane.. Happy birthday me!.

Source: Google Images. Happy Birthday me!.

Hello.. So its my birthday. I am 21 today!. Finally. I have always wanted to be 21, i just like how it sounds and now that i am, i cant be more thankful to God for all these years.
Over the years, i have memories that have always stuck to my mind and i guessed it wouldn’t hurt to share a few of them that stood out for me. So in no particular order…

1. The great fall that left a permanent scar on my knee..
I think i was 10 when it happened. We had these running competitions to see who would be first to welcome my dad whenever he came back from work. So this particular day, we ran and welcomed him, and for some reason i don’t remember, we decided to run back to the house. I missed a step as i was climbing the verandah, fell and got the nastiest wound on my knee. Long story short, it almost got me lame, took about 2 months to heal, and left a permanent scar on my left knee.

2. My eye damage situation.
I guess i was either 9 or 10, my brother decided to teach me how to ride a bicycle- that was a good thing.. the bad thing, he was using a big bicycle (what we used to call boda bodas those days). So I sat on the bicycle seat, with my feet barely touching the peddles, and told my brother to leave the bike so I could ride alone. I fell ofcourse, one of the brakes of the bicycle pricked me just above my right eye, narrowly missing my eyeball. Long story short, i was taken to hospital, and when i came back home, my brother and i were saved from a good spanking by the arrival of a visitor, who came in as we were already lying down.

3. The fish incident..
I really don’t like fresh fish. At all. Never have. This particular day, i was about 7 years old, or less. I din’t want to eat supper because they had prepared fresh fish. The news reached my dad, who told me to carry my food, sit infront of him and eat till my plate was “clean”. With tears rolling down my eyes, i began to eat, thinking he would be moved by my tears, but he wasn’t. He just kept saying he wanted to see a “clean” plate. I noticed he kept reading a newspaper and then would look up occassionally to check out my progress. So I decided to put the food under the cushion i was sitting on when he was reading, and then pretend to eat when he looked up. I eventually “finished” my food, went to bed and my 7 year old brain forgot that i had to clean up the chair, about 3 days later, my secret was found, and i got a real good spanking.

4. Tororo Public Library.
My reading culture developed from there. I began reading books and stories at the age of 9 and i read my first novel, “Things Fall Apart” at about 11. I remember not having break sometimes so that i could use the money to borrow a book later in the evening. I would borrow about two books and would end up not doing homework because i had to read them. I am thankful for that library because without it, i wouldn’t be the reader i am today.

5. Cat fights with the follower.
All my life, i have had these fights with my little sister, Gracious. Both verbal and physical. Though the older we got, the less physical they became. What was funny about them, was how we used to apologise to eachother, and promise to be good sisters to each other, and not to fight again. A few hours later, we would be at it again. Despite all, we love eachother alot.

6. The birth of my last two sisters.
I remember someone telling me that she has never seen her mother pregnant since she is the last born. So it would be weird to see her mum pregnant.
well…. I am a second child in a family of five so I saw my mum pregnant with my last two sisters.
For my third sister, I was 7 years old when she was born. I remember we all thought it was a boy. We prepared for a boy, got boy names for the baby, kept referring to the baby as him and when she finally came, I kept referring to her as him for about two days because I was used to that, I remember watching her practically the whole time, I loved how she slept, how she folded her palms to form a fist, I watched as they showered her, dressed her, I just couldn’t stop watching her.
For my 4th sister, I was 11 years old, so I really could understand what was going on.  My mum went through a kind of tough delivery. My dad came home after she had given birth and told us she had given birth to a girl. I remember being so excited. I don’t know why. I just think I was used to having many girls around me. So it din’t bother me that I had only one brother. I don’t remember much about my 4th sister’s first days on earth since I had to go back to boarding school.

7. Boarding School.
I joined boarding school as I was going to P.5. Like every other child joining boarding School for the first time, I had all this hype. I couldn’t wait to leave. I used to arrange my suitcase everyday prior to me leaving, I used to practice washing my clothes, I just couldnt wait. So come D day, I was taken to school. I was okay throughout because I had friends who were already there before me. And my brother too. My parents left. And that evening we were sent to fetch water for showering. I had to carry two 10 litre jerrycans by myself, up a hill back to the dormitory. By the time I got back, I was out of breath, I showered, got into bed and cried seriously. Generally boarding school was tough at the beginning but I got used to it. And it taught me how to be “sharp” and vigilant and it also taught me some responsibility too.
8. Make up, handbags and coloured braids at 12.
Yeah.. I did that. So for the make up, I just started using it. It wasn’t really make up but I used to use cream and then powder and then lip balm or lip gloss. Then for the handbags, my mum just cultivated it into us. She kept telling us that ladies need to move with very many things and one can’t carry them all on her hands. Therefore a lady always had to carry a handbag or a purse. So yap.. at 12, I started carrying bags and purses around. I used to feel awkward but mum wouldnt see you carry stuff on your hands.
As for the coloured braids, I wish I had a picture because i actually don’t remember how i looked with them on. It happened when I was going back to school so I had to plait my hair.(we were allowed to keep hair. As long as it was plaited). My mum told my cousin, who was at campus then to take me to the saloon. She had plaited pencil with the multicolored braids. When we got to the saloon, I told the ladies that I wanted to plait exactly what my cousin had. They tried to object but I insisted. I recall most of the women who came into the saloon that day were wondering what a young girl was doing with coloured braids on her head. Anyway mum wasn’t amused when she finally saw it and neither were the teachers at school. I had to undo them before the term ended.

9. Deliverance Church Tororo That’s my church. The church I grew up from. My home church. Growing up was fun. The sunday school, the sleep overs, the birthday parties, the christmas parties, the children’s sundays. Everything was fun growing up attending Deliverance Church Tororo. It is indeed a family Church. Everyone knows everyone, anyone can discipline anyone, after all we are family. It is a community. I really miss that closeness, now that everyone has grown up and gone to different places all over the world. I will cherish those memories forever.

10. My Secondary Schools.
Both of them taught me something. Both of them contributed to the type of person i am today. Iganga (girls) secondary school, gave me the fun side. I loved the fun, loved the rowdiness, loved the craziness of the girls, loved my friends. I missed it when i went to Trinity College Nabbingo for my A levels because it was a more calm, collected and organised school. However nabbingo also gave me the mature side of me. It gave me the confident side of me. The calm side of me. Am glad i went to those schools, and am proud of both of them.

Generally, i am thankful for the type of life that i have lived. I am grateful for the things i have achieved these 21 years. I am grateful i have lived this long and cant wait to live for many more years!.
Happy birthday Me!*

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  1. hahhaha i have refused to recover from these stories. They have made my night. Thanks for sharing these memories. Now I know why you are like this..(i will not mention)
    Happy happy birthday Darlington. I wish you a happy 21st birthday and may you blow many more candles.
    I love you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Excuse me? you used to skip break,keep the money just so you can borrow books? Girl
    Thanks for the memories because guess what? This girl over here doesnt remember most of her childhood
    I however can relate to the fall
    Lets just say me & you are a match made in permanent knee-scar injury
    Happy official drinking age
    Girl I love you-lets make some new memories..xoxo


  3. Thanks for these memories…imagine am reading this some years later and couldn’r help laughing. As for boarding school hype, i totally relate except the part of ‘practising to wash clothes’ lol, that killed me. Haha. Everytime i need a good laugh or some muse to awaken my childhood memories, i will revisit this post!
    Happy belated birthday future lawyer…times flies!


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