Sharon’s Resignation a Cause For Reform in UCU Political Party Policy.


In April the University was ranked second in Uganda, The report by New Vision Gave a comment that i didn’t Understand until yesterday when Vice president of the Guild Government resigned Because she was going to Take part in elective partisan politics contrary to the Guild Constitution. The report states that apart from UCU students being Poor time and Project mangers, they are also not CREATIVE. Rev.Dr. Senyoyinyi(VC) in one of his Summons referred to them as Maintenance Officers, in other-wards a UCU student will  not add a thing to a company nor will he/she take away anything.Am reliably informed that Seven Human Resource Officers during the Research said “For UCU students its all about obeying the rules of the Organisation and nothing else”.

Most Students here only value Obedience rather Reason,Similar to the Duck Theory call it Primary and Secondary school politics. The rationale is Obey and Reason…

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