Book Review: The Runaway Jury..

Book Review here.. John Grisham again, i just love his books. I still haven’t found legal thrillers that beat his. I really loved this one. Its officially one of my best books by Jonh Grisham. I loved the story, loved the main character, loved the language.
I Wish i could actually narrate the whole story instead of doing a review because then, i guess i would do it better. But hey, its a review am here to write..


The fate of four of the biggest Tobacco companies lies in the hands of twelve men and women, who have been investigated thoroughly, trailed and even manipulated.
The defence has used every tactic in and out of the book to do this, and they know their people. They know which jurors will be on their side and those who won’t, except for one.
He is only known as juror #2, Nicholas Easter.
He has planned every move in this multi million dollar trial, working with someone on the outside.
Is he for the defence or for the plaintiff?
And with the jury going through shuffles, the truth about Juror #2 being discovered and finally the shocking verdict of the jury, “The Runaway Jury” will put you in the light about the jury system with alot of thrill, drama, suspense, intrigue, alittle bit of humour and a dramatic ending.

Here are afew lines i loved in this book..

Carl and his associates flirted around the edges of laws and ethics, but it was impossible to catch them. After all, there is nothing unethical about photographing prospective jurors.

Fitch was angry, as usual, nothing new about that because the man even slept in a state of hostility.

They had just been ordered to spend thirty-nine out of the next fifty-three hours in this room, looking at enlarged photos of faces they’d already seen, memorizing names, and birthdates and vital stats of almost two hundred people.
And there wasnt the slightest doubt anywhere in the room that they all would do exactly what they’d been told. Not the slightest.

Jose too looked up at the enemy lawyers’ office as they drove past, but he said nothing because his boss did not suffer small talk.

Fitch after all, was a well-paid security thug, nothing remotely near the level of CEO of a major company.

“You tell me why a blind person can’t be on the jury. If it’s written in the law, then the law is discriminatory and i’ll sue. If it ain’t written in the law, and if it’s just a matter of practice, i’ll sue even faster.”

If pennies had been pinched throwing the place together, nothing had been spared in getting it plugged in.

According to widely accepted knowlege along the coast, Cal, a few years earlier, had used an old shrimping boat to haul marijuana from Mexico. True or not, the Hulics were now flush, and it was Stella’s burden to discuss it with anyone who would listen.

The Cuban was a two-bit “security consultant” Marlee found in the Yellow Pages. She’d paid him two hundred dollars to look suspicious, not a difficult task, and get caught with a camera as the Hulics left the hotel.

By the the time the calls were made to New York, the defense had lost its most prized possession-Stella Hulic, who was by then home on the sofa in a martini induced coma.

That’s “The Runaway Jury”. A must read!.

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