Book Review: Monster.

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This book by Jonathan Kellerman kept me in suspense and it was so complex that there was no way i could sort of predict what would happen at the end. I almost din’t do a review because it’s one of those books that are too good you wouldn’t want to write a review on, for fear of being inadequate.
One of the praises for this book came from People (Page turner of the week), it read: “A SUPRISING AND COMPLEX STORY OF EVIL… STUNNINGLY DRAMATIC”.
This book is definately that and so much more.

The Review:..

Someone is killing people in the most gruesome, evil ways yet.- almost similar, yet distinct.
Suddenly, the meaningless ramblings of a psycopath who is safely locked up in an asylum turn out to be vivid predictions about the murders a short while before they happen.
Dr. Alex Delaware and Detective Milo Sturgis have to unravel this mystery before the psycopath predicts their own death.
This psychological thriller is carefully tailored with the strands of conspiracy, secrets, revenge, manipulation, evil, horror leading to a very shocking ending.

A few lines i loved in the book (because i liked the writing style)…

“The accomplice bit is interesting,” he said. “So is the local angle-okay, time to do some footwork, see if some joker who learned freelance meat-cutting at San Quentin is out on parole”.

“Exactly. It’s like sausage making. The less the public knows about what we do, the better off we and the public are”.

“I’d tend to doubt it, “swigg repeated. “I’m sure when he was first committed there was some of the usual garbage- screwed up women proposing marriage, that kind of thing.
But now he is ancient history. The way he should be”.

Crumpling an aspirin packet, he dropped it into an ashtray. “Like you said, it’s L.A. Since when has logic ever meant a damn thing here?”

By nine A.M, i was drinking coffee and catching what passes for TV news in L.A.: capped-toothed jesters hawking showbiz gossip, the latest bumblings of the moronic city, the current health scare.

No matter your IQ in life, when the soul flies, you look stupid.

“Look,” she said. “I am a night person, as if it’s any of your business. Just woke up, if it’s any of your business. Comes from all those nights of clubbing”. She stepped on the porch, advanced on Milo. “Nighttime’s when it all comes alive. Morning’s for suckers. Morning people should be lined up and shot”…

That’s “Monster”… Enjoy when you read it!.

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