Life is not a “one way street”.


Life is not neccesarily about winning, pleasing, rejoicing and doing it right.- because life, is not a one way street:…

You will make mistakes… Very major life changing mistakes, and you will make minor ones too.

You will break hearts and your heart will be broken too.

You will cause pain and sorrow to some people, to others you will bring utmost joy and happiness.

You will win some battles and lose some.

You will be praised by some, and ridiculed by others.

You will fall in and out of love with people, and the same will happen to you.

To some people, you will be a role model, some won’t even know you.

Sometimes you will be the champion, and sometimes the looser.

Some goals, you will achieve, others you will not.

Some friends, you will have forever, some you will not.

Some people you will offend, and others you will please.

Some days you will be mourning, some will be filled with laughter and joy.

Some days you will feel so high- you believe you can fly, somedays you will feel low.

Somedays will be extremely colourful, somedays, not so much.

But all this is okay… Because that is life.- it’s not a one way street.
It doesn’t have to be perfect.- trying to be perfect will only lead to disappointments and frustrations.

Just live your life the very best way you can, and at the end of the day, you will be fulfilled.

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