Sea of thoughts.

Source: Google Images.

Its 12:30am.
She should be asleep.
But she cannot
Her heart is heavy
Thoughts as large as the oceans fill her mind.
She is thinking about..
Her life.
She tries so much to shut these thoughts out,
to be a little positive.
She has so much to be thankful for,
but this is one of those times when that plan does not work.
All she can count are;
the friendships she lost,
the goals she didnot achieve,
the decisions she should not have made,
The list is endless.
She tries to count them off: 1 to 10, 1 to 100, then to athousand,
but they are still intact, tattooed on her mind.
She plays the music card too; it’s food for the soul they say; makes you feel better, but it fails to work in her favour,
So its just her..
Her and her sea of thoughts,
She surrenders to them and
all she can do is hope they can drift away.

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