Stalker |The Serie.

It is a new month already!. Happy New Month people. May it be fruitful!.
This is not a review.
It is a post about this awesome serie that i am watching.
It is too good that i actually had to pause it to write something about it!. Yeah.. it is that good, in my opinion.
Recently, a friend recommended the serie STALKER to me..

STALKER: The real deal!..

I was abit hesitant to get it because i didnot think i would like it. Just the title “stalker”, didnot sound like something i would want to watch.
Anyway, to cut the long story short, i got it, and since then, i have watched nothing else but stalker. I wish i could say it is my best serie but Nikita and If Loving You Is Wrong still hold number one place.
Stalker is absolutely nothing that i thought it would be.
It is interesting how sometimes the things we expect the least from, usually turn out to give us much more. When that happens to me, i usually get so into that particular thing; one of the reasons i am so into stalker right now.
Of all genres that crossed my mind when i first heard about this serie, crime drama/ psychological thriller was not even close, then it turns out its all of that, in a really cool way.
I never thought stalker would be as intriguing and interesting as it is. I just thought it would be boring and i wouldnot like it since i am specific about what i watch.
Then i watch it, and see awesome actors such as Maggie Q(one of my absolute favourites), Dylan McDermott and Warren Kole; and then i knew that this is just the type of serie i would want to watch anyday, anytime.

Warren Kole, Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott.

Stalking basically refers to the crime of following or harrasing another person causing him or her to fear death or injury.. That is what the serie is generally about, taking the viewers through different types of stalkers, and how they stalk, and why.. And ofcourse, me being me, i have learned something(mainly about stalking).
This is what i have learned from this serie:

My understanding of stalking and being stalked was extremely shallow, it is almost embarrasing. Operative words: “extremely shallow”.
Stalking is not something i would do research on even at random, and in Uganda, we do not really see or hear about people being charged with stalking, so really, my understanding of stalking was narrowed to a fan stalking a celebrity for one reason or the other, or a guy stalking a girl because he likes her or something like that.
Then i watch stalker, and the first scene of episode 1, shows a woman getting burnt alive by her stalker! ( it was just this afternoon that i heard about such extremes happening in Uganda from a friend who told me that a stalker actually locked someone she knew in a house and burnt her. I was shocked), and then throughout the serie, its one psychotic stalker after the other, and thats when i reaslise that there is more to stalking than what meets the eye. I googled alittle about stalking, and well, i realised i was just so ignorant about this whole stalking thing. Thanks to stalker, i now know.

Paranoia is actually a thing.
Okay, i am usually not a paranoid type of person, and i believed paranoia to be alittle overrated especially when not related to some psychological disorder, or medical issue, until i watched stalker, then i started double checking doors to make sure they are locked, one night i could actually swear, i heard something or someone move around the house.

The unfortunate truth.

The person who recommended stalker to me, told me that one of her relatives kept checking rooms and looking over her shoulder because she got paranoid just after watching it. I thought it was funny before i watched the serie, but then it has kind of happened to me too, so i guess this whole paranoia thing is real when you have a reason to be paranoid. And when stalker is the reason, do not be worried because well, the paranonia will disappear as you keep watching it, and you will eventually forget all about it.

Everyone can be stalked and anyone can be a stalker; by that i do not mean every single person alive can be a stalker, i mean, even the people closest to you could be your stalker.
So we should all be more cautious.
Most times when some of us talk about stalking, it is on a light note usually, like this guy is stalking this girl, or this girl is stalking this guy or something like that, but really, we need to be cautious. It is not as light as that.
It usually starts with the anonymus phone calls and messages, then flowers and gifts, then you start being followed, then this leads to that, and you get harmed or killed. So, watch out forΒ  that stalker when you still can, and take action.


Be alert people, “stalking is not only a celebrity or public figure problem”.. And stalkers are not always random people you do not know.The very people you know could be stalking you right under your nose, and it could turn sour if it goes on. So, be cautious.

So, that is what i learned from stalker. Please watch it if you havenot, and if you like crime dramas/ psychological thrillers, You will really like this one, as long as you dont get too paranoid; its not healthy. And, watch out for stalkers!

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  1. Haha! This is creepy. Reminds me of the movie titled ‘obsessed’ (or is it obsession? I forget!). Now ‘m beginning to think just maybe there’s a link between obsession and stalking? Maybe obsession leads to stalking? *sigh! It’s still just creepy.

    Nice semi- review. And about watching it and getting a high dose of paranoia? No, thanks, i’ll pass. Lool. I hate to be scared. But i’ll best be cautious either way.

    Best series ‘ve watched so far is ‘beauty and the beast’. Don’t mind me when I say ‘best’ because ‘ve only actually watched a few.

    Welldone Atim! πŸ™‚


    • Hey me…
      Thank you for reading and commenting!
      Yeah u are right, obession leads to stalking.
      Consider watching this serie though, i know you donot want to be scared and all, but the paranoia lasts for like the first five episodes, and then you get used. Haha.
      So, check it out if you can.
      I really love series but i have never watched beauty and the beast. I will get it as soon as i can..

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh no! What? 5 episodes sound like an eternity. Lool.

        Never mind, i’ll grab a seat and a bowl of popcorn the slightest chance I get to watch it. Thanks! πŸ˜€

        And why, it’s a pleasure to be here. πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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