Blogging 101, Day one | Who i am and why i’m here.

I am Mercy.E. Atim, a 21year old Ugandan law student.
I started blogging about 5 months ago.
I decided to make this blog a public blog instead of keeping it as a personal journal because i knew that through making it public i would be able to meet and connect with other bloggers and readers who have similar interests as I do, and also because i want to write better and I can only do so through letting people read my work and comment on it, and by reading other bloggers’ work and learning from it.
I have the ability to draw inspiration from almost anything and anywhere so i usually write about life in general. This means i  can write about anything from law school, to ‘how to tips’, books, movies, style and fashion, short stories, poetry, religion, reviews.
The kind of people i would like to connect with through blogging are people with similar interests as mine; people who love to read and write about almost anything and everything concerning life.
If i blog succesfully throughout the next year, i hope to connect with various bloggers and readers, i also hope to make a significant improvement in my writing, and to generally have a succesful blog.

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  1. Hello Mercy! I am Makayla. I have been blogging for almost 2 weeks. I love to read and write. My whole blog is devoted to reading and writing. I see you want to be a better writer. I have a guide to finding things to write about on my blog that will definitely help you! Good luck and I can wait to see what you have in store.

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    • Hello Makayla… Thank you so much for offering to help!.
      I will be glad to check your blog out and make great use of the guide too!.
      Thankyou once again.


  2. Blogging is so much fun, atleast on days when you have something to write about and just the right words to put it down. 😀

    Thanks for following my blog, and it’s a pleasure to be on here too! In between, I have come across a lot of law students (only in Nigeria though, but that wouldn’t matter) and I must say ‘ve been swooned to speechlessness by their eloquence and intelligent minds. ‘m sure you’ll just do same too, so I have come prepared! Hehe.

    About your tagline, I can’t see it. Maybe it’s my phone, or maybe it’s your theme, who knows? *sigh

    I hope you do have fun blogging, and trust me, with time, things will shape up even better on here! 🙂


    • Hey Me,..
      Thank you for following back!.
      And, you have come prepared?! Hahah.. i hope i meet your expectations! I will do the best i can.
      About the tagline, sorry i didnot know it was not visible. Probably its my theme or sth, i will check it out and fix it… Anyway, the tagline is a quote by Mahatma Ghandi, which is, “My life is my message.”
      I know blogging will be fun! I hope to read more of your work too and interact with you more!.

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