Alone time?, or just a loner?.


Hey guys,
This evening I was in the bedroom doing a few stuff while everyone else was in the sitting room.
My sister walked into the room, looked at me for a few seconds and said “you are always in your own world; reading your stuff, blogging or doing something on your own”.
I laughed about it, brushed her off, but then, I started thinking about what she had said because just this morning my dad said almost the same thing but in different words. My main defense came up;  I was having “alone time” just for myself without any interferences. However the more I thought about it, the more I realised I was guilty as charged. It is not the first time someone is telling me about me  being in my own world. And it is not the first time I come up with the “alone time” defense. And I believe I am not the only one going through this.
Thesedays, with all the stuff going on around us, it is really easy to use any “free” time we get just to enjoy our own company, or accomplish personal tasks to the extent that sometimes due to us having  constant “alone time”, we actually miss out on life.
We miss out on stuff like spending quality time with friends, family and people who feel the impact of that constant “alone time”.
We miss out on just being in the moment; feeling every single bit of it, making the memories, just being able to unwind with the people you love around you.
I reflected on the number of stuff I turned down just because I had something else to do, or I prefferd to be alone instead. I realised my alone time Is getting too much that it is sort of turning me into a loner. There is no way I would want to be a loner. At all. So I dropped whatever I was doing, went over to join all the others, and I have promised myself to work on this “alone time” of mine.
I came to the conclusion that alone time is very important. We are able to think, meditate, accomplish personal tasks, pray, rest, and do anything else we would want to do.
It is important everyone has this alone time, as long as it doesnot turn you into a loner.

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  1. Hehe I know that too dear about you. I feel guilty that I didn’t ever mention it to you. I know you are working on this because you always do what you set your mind to. Thanks for sharing. I am also going to think about if I am a loner or just having alone time..bye bye

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