Go Forward to Molt or Fledge.

I am not into politics so i never write about politics. However it doesnot stop me from reading political articles or posts written by other people.
Everyone who lives in Uganda knows that ever since Amama Mababazi declared his intentions to stand for presidency come 2016, there has been some sort of political chaos(for lack of a better word) between his supporters and Museveni’s suppoters.
I have read a few blog posts inspired by this, usually the writer supporting his or her candidate and criticising the other.
But i must say i really like this one.
I just like the fact that the writer didnot have to get emotional to get his message across.
Enjoy the read!.



Barons don’t just inscribe we take time just to circumvent decapitation, it was common in the medieval and Uganda is not any different from those antediluvian times. It’s been a while now, am informed Go Forward isn’t alien to most A Ugandans, if I don’t pen anything about it, who knows I may drop my position on the table of chronicles at a later time.

3rd world countries like Uganda aspire to go forward; is Uganda going forward, do we need or want to go forward, well I don’t know. My trepidation though is who takes us forward?

She/he ought to be a candid person.

I discern that one person can’t have a prerogative to take 40 million plus people and beyond forward, yet he has totally failed to take 25 million or less forward in the last 30 years. I have heard Amama reckoning that he will stand come…

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