Baby Steps

Finally, one of the people i thought really needs to be blogging has started blogging!!. *drumrolls*.
And this is his first post!. Enjoy.


So i decided to give this blogging thing a shot…hope i kill it!!!

I am still checking if it works for real so i’ll start with old stuff. I if it is working, let me know

Here is the spoken word piece YOLO


We all have one life to live by
And yet we face a thousand ways to die
That is an unbalanced ratio of One to One thousand
And little wonder, the fear of death has taken the life out of thousands
YOLO, constantly reminding us of an end that we do not know
But the worst nightmare is when they use it to justify living their lives like there’s no tomorrow
Because that simply means that you will only get one chance to leave (live)
And once you have left there’s no turning back 360 degrees
But my word, if you do not have a destination…

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