To you, my younger self.


Dear younger self,
The best person you can ever be is you and only you
I know sometimes you are tempted to recreate yourself into the seemingly perfect people you see on Vogue and E’, and even YouTube
because, well, you believe that is what true beauty is because this society says so, yet you know society has a shallow minded perception of beauty and what it should be.
Forget the stereotype and believe that you are beautiful because God made you just you.
Stop looking for the ugly in you because you know He made all things beautiful
Make up, clothes, shoes, hot perfect bodies are all cool stuff to have until you let them define you
The good or bad news is, (depending on how you choose to see it)
that is all vanity and it will never define you
I said that is all vanity and it will never define you
because it makes no sense piling up shades and tones of make up to look beautiful only to scrub it off later and still be left with the real you.
Stick to being the real you, the make up will only give you a temporary you.
And who is looking for temporary satisfaction? I believe not you.
You are beautiful inside out because God fearfully and wonderfully made you
He carefully, artistically, and expertly crafted you
Into the unique masterpiece that you truly are
Abundantly giving you both inner and outside beauty that should really define you
Dear younger self, sometimes you may fail to believe these things about you
And when that happens, go back to the good book and be reminded that God made all things beautiful, including you
He made all things beautiful Including you.



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