BRB… I am off for Camp!.


Hey guys,
Very short post over here.
I am off to Western Uganda for camp! (Just incase i get MIA). It is a christian camp for University students, and It is organised by Watoto Church. I am so excited because I have always wanted to go to Western Uganda and stay for a while, look at a few places. My first visit there was to Mbarara. It lasted a few hours and i was doing something while there so i didnot get to enjoy being there. I literally just stayed in one particular place for about 7 hours and then had to get back into the car and leave.
This time however, I am going for close to 6 days. I will be in Kabale in particular. I cannot wait to see the hills and all the other beautiful scenary I hear about.
Most importantly however, I cannot wait to get away from the city and all its drama(noise, busy-ness, traffic jam- how I hate traffic jam!) and just go into the beautiful country and connect with God, nature, people, have some bit of quiet in my life for 6 days.
I may be able to have a few blog posts to write about camp if all factors remain constant(like good internet connections, enough time to write, etc). If I cannot write while at camp, I will definately do so when I am back.
Have a great week everybody!

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